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Jace 4d
Waking to this change, thrusted
  Into gasping hits from reality.  
    Everything seems out of range,
      Seems we're all worried of
        All our survivability.
        Ashamed from these evils,
         All the ones we manifest.
          From all of our medievals
          It's been too much to digest.
           It's true we're slipping.
            Cracking from character
             It's true we're weeping
              We're all scared, I'm
               Beginning to think it's
                Because we're all
               Chipping from Normality
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Thoughts eating away at my brain,
mouth drying away,
lips sealing my shrieking soul away,
tongue stuttering away,
heart palpating away,
lungs having no air,
muscles fidgeting away,
fear crippling my soul away,
nails chipping away,
stress rushing to my brain,
vision blurring away,
tears streaming down my face,
body trembling away
as anxious nerves take me away.
Lawrence Hall Aug 2017
A Bag of Cabbage Chips

Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, and will die here like rotten cabbages.

-#6 in Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner

A voice:
                   Be still, and know that I am Chip
Be still, because this might sting a little
There, now, wasn’t that easy?  Here’s a tissue
Who’s a good boy, then! Here’s your free tee-shirt  

Now that you are one with the ‘way cool kids
You can use your implanted chip to buy
A cup of coffee – or maybe a bag of chips
Log into a computer, and open doors

The one small thing you cannot buy or see
Is the return of your own human dignity

— The End —