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Nicolas Ashbaugh Dec 2020
What good can come of height
A rise will end in fall
Whether it be mistakes
Or the ladder’s wood breaks
Or the people’s cruel spite
It’s a cliff climb of wall

I’m too afraid of rise
I want them by my side
In case I’ve too much size
For my actions to stand
And I can’t hold the ride
Then my life goes unplanned

I seem to have tried
I’m taking steps beyond and farther
And I continue to glide
To a world that looks much darker

I can no longer see the ground
If I fell, would it make a sound
I realize I made a mistake
This is much too hard to fake

I can’t turn around
Cause they can already see my blunder
It was that I found
What made me feel under

That’s it, I give in
I give up the chance to win
Never shall I try
I know the reason why
My great fear
Of the unclear
Nicolas Ashbaugh Dec 2020
Isn’t it cool
How tears are clear
The only time someone isn’t hiding themself
And their fear

There is a moment in sorrow
When the only thing you can think
Is what truly makes you happy
And what also makes you sink

It makes it seem great
To always be unhappy
But to all seeking it
I wish it never be your fate

Cause openness is bliss
But too much is a crutch
Cause not only will people judge You
But You will too

I wish I never had this power
To feel down and lonely and sour
Whenever I or you or anyone
Is in any sort of pain

I’m sure you know the pain
The kind you can’t subdue
But what else can I do
The rainbow is on a vertical plane
Something I can never reach
But can always watch and preach

I guess I kind of like being dark
Where there’s no difference between people’s light and their shade
I can always act as I want
Where my clarity will never fade
Nicolas Ashbaugh Dec 2020
I just can’t focus
Everything is a blur
It seems like forever
Since I last saw her

I was speaking to him yesterday
He could make me laugh
But they’ve been taken away
I wish I could say
How much they made me feel
But I’m half myself
And I can’t go back

And just a snap
A second
Barely even a thought
They’re all gone from my life
Like a toy that has been bought

I wish I had said goodbye
But what would that have changed
Happiness is gone
Its no longer in range

I enjoyed what I had
But what else is left
All friends, all people
Will be taken by the breath of death
I guess I’m back
Nicolas Ashbaugh Aug 2020
At first it was completely smooth
Absolutely without a groove
No holes, or nicks, or even dents
With just unscalable segments

This wall was large, sturdy, and strong
Keeping out half of everyone
It had been aged by all of time
Soon, it’s about to break the rhyme

Holes have begun to take form
Not by ice, water, wind, or storm
But by the people left outside
That have been locked away to hide

The brick is now crumbling
And the concrete blocks are tumbling
Handholds continue to show
The holes will continue to grow

Openings are more clear
Even to those on the wall’s rear
Soon, she will start to climb
And end the wall’s horrible crime

So with superhero strength
Along with her ranks
She is climbing up the brick wall
That will bring it to downfall

As she ascends
She starts to see the concrete ends
That have kept her family out
To seek life’s other route

As she reaches the top
The wall’s other people stop
Offer out a hand
So that she can stand

However, lots are still not up
They need to be brought up
They do not have her strength
They can not scale the wall’s length

So the wall must come down
And so everyone from town
Begins to chip away
So the wall won’t stay

It’s a lot of work
That continues to irk
But there are only boulders left
A good kind of theft

Of course there are some I didn’t talk about
That want the wall to continue to sprout
But they lack the power
They had on their tower

And so, the end is close
But there’s more work for those
Who try to make it small
So that she can climb the wall
Focus on the syllables in each line and stanza.
Nicolas Ashbaugh Aug 2020
I’ve been falling apart
Cause I tear me apart
Rip me up inside
Tear me up inside

I’m trying to stay afloat
In my cardboard box, a boat
Circling my head, a moat
Trying to pin a scapegoat

I’m never doing my best
Just trying to do my best
I can not handle my best
Haven’t started the rest

But I’m thinking this will end
The endless circle will bend
And it will break from the trend
But I’m only hoping

I know I can’t fix it all
So I should no longer stall
At some point, the weights should fall
And I can leave this brick wall

But I am being enclosed
By my mouth and my nose
I can breath, just barely
I can think, just rarely

I need to clear up my head
Or my brain, instead
Maybe my heart
I’ve been falling apart
The poem is a circle, a cycle that could stay in lock.
Nicolas Ashbaugh Aug 2020
They took him too early
Leaving us less burly
Leaving us on our own
Feeling too much, alone

It’s the hardest when they are young
It makes the party go unsung
A piece of everybody is gone
Making it too hard to move on

You wish you could have more time
To spend with what was once “mine”
But now he is far away
Cause you could not make him stay

But with any loss
A heavy point comes across
All deaths will come too young
Leaving your life unsung

Enjoy all life while you can
Do not be that type of man
Enjoy them while they are here
When they’re gone, they’re still your dear

Do not shy away
Cause they cannot forever stay
As much as you hope and pray
They could be taken today

They took him too early
Leaving us less burly
Leaving us together
To love and remember
Enjoy them while they are here!
Nicolas Ashbaugh Aug 2020
Of course I will help you
That's what I like to do
Just don't leave afterwards
And make these your last words

I will try my best to support you
With whatever I can do
But please just don't take this for granted
Don't make this friendship slanted

There is nothing I won't do for you
But will you do these things for me too?
I do not want to be used
I won't hurt but will be bruised

So I guess I will say it
I can no longer take it
I have simply had enough
I cannot handle your stuff

You've used me as a pillow
I've turned into a grey willow
Cause you never stood me tall
I am always at a fall

Of course I had helped you
It's what people should do
But now, I'm lugging this heft
Cause I was the one who left
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