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Beanie Feb 2021
There is smoke in my lungs
And a spark in your eye.
I don’t know if you know
How wonderful it is to stare at the sky
And hold your hand in mine.
I exhale slowly and sigh,
So you turn to me, quiet,
And ask me why?
Because I love you, my sweet.
I love you with a love that will not die.
#25 in the collection of Poems You Don't Know Are About You
Beanie Feb 2021
I wish I knew how to whistle,
And I wish I knew how to
Play the guitar, or maybe piano.
I wish I knew how to sing
On pitch, or at least follow a tune.
I wish I knew how to be a good friend,
So maybe I would stop losing people,
And I wish I was a better person
Because right now it feels like
All I do is ***** things up.
I wish I knew how to fix this, and I wish
That you know I’m sorry.
Beanie Jan 2021
Sitting with you is
The best part of my day.

The smell of some
****** light blue American Spirit
Hangs over us in a fog.

You’re talking philosophy
At me, and I’m leaning
Back against a tree
Blowing smoke at the sky.

You are everything that
I have been looking for.
I know you’re not just mine,
But sometimes I like
To pretend that you are.
The 16th poem in a collection I haven't titled any of yet.
Beanie Jan 2021
There’s a siren wailing
And the man on TV
Keeps mentioning doomsday.
The newspaper headlines
All let us know it’s the end.
As the world crashes down
There is one comfort left.
I put on my favorite earrings,
The ones you bought me,
And you pull on your coat.
Taking you in my arms
Is all I have left,
So in this final evening,
This eleventh hour,
I bring you to dance in the streets,
To enjoy a final moment before
The show starts and the world ends.
I move in close to you,
And whisper my secrets in
Your ear, but my final secret
I press to your lips as
Our very essence is set aflame.
Inspired by a boy I like and the song "As the World Caves In" by Matt Maltese
Beanie Jan 2021
Something for the
the maniacs,
and the lunatics.

Poetry about
you and me,
sleep and waking,
life and death.

This is to read
when the sun rises
and you're still awake,
or when the stars are
shrouded in clouds.

This is for all of you
who have yielded
your sanity to the moon
and felt the meaning of
lunacy in your bones.

I dedicate this collection of
oddities to all of you oddities,
may you read it and sleep.
The dedication poem for the chapbook I'm workin on!
Beanie Jan 2021
There's a lot about you I
like and there's a lot about
me I don't like. Some nights
I can barely breathe because
I don't think I deserve the
air but you come along
and suddenly it doesn't
feel like a chore to inhale.
Breathing becomes as
natural as loving you.
Beanie Jan 2021
Maybe there's something
kind of magic about lights
on the water and sitting with
someone you care about,
or maybe I'm a hopeless
romantic, desperate to make
every situation better.
Either way, I like being here
with you, my friend.
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