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Secret Poet Feb 2020
I'm no good at writing about things that make me happy or things that make me glow.
All it seems that I'm good at is writing about everything that gets me low.
These feelings and news, filled with substance abuse, that's all I am good at and nothing else, so I guess that is my muse
It's been a minute..  I'm sitting on a pile of unfinished pieces.
Secret Poet Aug 2016
You and I and these beachy vibes.
Swaying like the palm trees in the wind.
The California breeze blowing through our hair as we stay here perfectly still. We build barriers from sand and shells, to protect this moment from all the stares.
I was iffy about posting this one.
Secret Poet Jul 2016
You make me as happy as the stars in the night sky or a cup of coffee and photography.
Blissful thoughts.
Waves painted the hull teal
the Sun colored in my skin,
while wind brushed strokes against my cheek

Water, tinged with foam and salt,
splashed my face
I woke up;
there were tears on the pillow
Secret Poet Jul 2016
Hazel eyed boy so mysterious and abstruse, won't you let me explore you?
You seem so disclosed but let people know that you are one who won't let anything show. You're hard to read. Some have attempted and left your pages tattered and torn, just know that I have always been one that is up for a difficult read.
I enjoy you.
Secret Poet Jul 2016
You're my 11 o'clock craving,

     my 12 o'clock mistake.

     My 1 o'clock headache,

      and my 2 o'clock hate.
Spaces between us.
Secret Poet Jul 2016
Every poem or song I write about you never seems to perfectly describe how I feel about you. When I'm with you, I feel like I'm free falling, on an endless flight through the clouds. Will you hold my hand as we fall together?
home is where ever I'm with you.
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