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Lisa Conway Mar 15
A glance was all it took
A careless flick of my eyes
and a feeling of eternal shame was born
A recollection of people and places
unnecessary remarks that echo through the years
The picture of thoughtlessness and disregard
colour my reflection but still I see
shadows of my imagination spring to life
ideas of reminiscence were but a whisper
as I watched images of the past quickly race by,
thoughtfulness and inspiration
Then contemplation became disenchantment  
the images clear and a face appears
Indifferent I walk away  

©L Conway 2020
Janelle Tanguin Oct 2019
There were warning signs to beware,
great walls you had to climb,
more parcels inside,
sealed with labeled reminders
to handle with care.
That a wrong cut of a wire
could trigger explosives,
that the place wasn't just fragile,
it was also volatile.

There's a reason why
from miles away you'd been told
to keep your own distance.
Why this wasn't just something
you could happen to stumble upon,
but a shipwreck, a paper town,
a lost city you needed to find.

When it dawned upon you
that this was not paradise,
but a haunted cemetery of some kind,
you snuck your way back
to the hole you fell into;
burning the place to the ground,
like the ones who came before you.
Inktober 2019
Day 8
Prompt: Frail
I don’t know why I want
What I want from you
As if I had no other option
Than to fall back into this addiction
As if you were the only choice
I have
The only voice
I hear
Among all this noise
I know you’re not right for me
But every time we get closer
You abuse your power
And take me over
With that influence
You have on me
That doesn’t make me think clearly
I don’t trust my judgment anymore
I don’t even care to pretend
Everything is under control
I just want to be alone
But I can’t do it if you keep showing at my door
Standing there so tall
Looking at me
A fairytale prince
That makes me want to believe
One last time
Or at least one more night
You ask me one last dance
One more chance to make it right
We could be king and queen
To rule the world
Or even this empty town
But our time has run out
The spell is broken now
And you disappeared without notice
As I expected
And all I am left with
Is disenchantment.
Edward Jan 2019
Sitting together,
Leaning close,
The electricity,
Lighting the neon,
In your eyes,
Gazing into mine,
Seeing nothing,
Which was all it took,
To turn off the current,
And **** the light
Amanda Sep 2018
We watch with disenchanted eyes
As the future comes to pass us by
What once brought joy
Is revealed as lies
And brings to light
The turmoil inside
We stagnate in our hollow lives
Lost from us are the enthusiastic drives
A dark cloud to eclipse the sun
Our childhood illusions
Have come undone
A restless soul in human guise
Dreams of freedom slowly die
With heavy hearts and severed ties
We see a future with blackened skies
And in the dark we see
A life lead in melancholy
We travel the world as ghosts
Untouched like waves on the coast
We glimpse the night
Through jaded eyes
And a world brought to fright
As we fall asleep to silent cries
The inspiration for this piece struck when I thought to myself that all my dreams of travel may never happen and I got to thinking of everything I wanted to do when I was in high school and how quickly you can become disenchanted by the reality of the world.
This piece is an original work by me. Inspired by my heart
Nicholas Kurtz Nov 2015
I'm going to stop acting like I know anything

And slow down on the *****
And singing blues

I don't know much
My thoughts are all feelings
My heart is in my head
Reality fills the voids
Left between
Saccharine dreams

Who am I?
I don't know anything
I can't trust my instincts
I need input
My eyes are depleting

Who am I?
The autmn wind
Upon your face
Feebly wispering

Who am I?
Love drunk boy
Lost in the universal last call
Of copresence
In a human kind

Your body
Your face  
Your skin
Your hair
Your essence
Your personality
Your touch


Has left me only
Saccharine dreams
oh no Jun 2015
it's a miracle
(you said you said)
it's dark, unmade
in your backyard we're only young, halfway there
infant hearts and hardened hands
we're only floating, only here and (I
remember it forever)
you asked me where I see the stars I said
in you, my love (always)
I guess our time is spent, so (I,
I always knew it anyway)
in your backyard we're starving, new and so
(in breaking we are clouds
I guess for the rest of my life, my love
(I'm blowing smoke) I'm moving on
we are only children, only young
in looking we are u n b r i d l e d
(so hold my wrist and I'll hold you)
it's a miracle
(I know I know)
so this isn't what I wanted or
this isn't what you meant
and I guess
for the rest of my life, my love
I'm spitting tar I'm holding strong
it's a miracle you said you said and
(I never was as
pretty as the sky)
******, derelict, etc. ive written this same poem a million times
Michael Amery Apr 2014
Death is boring.
Dark, cowled and skeletal,
Exuding a mysteriousness that she fails to fulfill.
Her goals are one dimensional
Though myriad in her often creative
Creative after an eternity of

God is almighty.
What can you give the man who has everything?
Your faith?
Safe bets are seldom captivating.
Unless you’re a criminal stacking the odds
While your fellow man takes the dive
For your gain,
Your glory.

Buddha is just a man.
He accepted Death’s embrace,
And God’s divinity
Thrusting aside the Devil’s whispered
Buddha was just a man.

The Devil whispers the sweetest dreams
His voice is a silk melody
Dancing along our nerves
Touching our forbidden parts
“Take her, she wants your ****”
Plunge into her moist depths
Sheath your spear,
Spill your seed,
****** hard
Then soft
Find release in her moans
Peace and heaven in her trembling touch.

Her moist lips part
But it is not your name she sounds
Her voice once radiant with lust
With desire
Now drives a shard of hate within, through your still rapidly beating heart.
Cupid speaks another name

Once hard now limp
Pull back, pull out your flimsy ****
Look down into the empty depths of her eyes
See in them another man
Her hunger is sated
Bruised lips mouth the apology your ears refuse to hear
Yet your heart laid bare just moments before
Is pierced anew.
Laugh it off but
The Devil has his hooks in you

Another carcass for the heap
She is the hook, you are the meat
The lost leading the sheep to slaughter
Do not fret, you are not finished
Soon you will rise a phoenix from her cooling embers
Golden and resolute
Stronger for having licked her poison
Yet you will know that you are now
A stranger to yourself
You are the hook
Find him some meat
The Devil hunts again.
Michael Amery Apr 2014
The world is dying
As we keep trying
To assimilate
To accept our fate
And drown our fears
In a stranger's tears
But we are one
We let our own blood run
When we wound
We become doomed.
Not much for rhymes but this happened so...
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