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Edward Jan 18
A red flower,
Once pretty,
Lying down,
Petals torn,
Stem broken
Edward Jan 8
don't be serious
you must try to smile far more
smile from ear to ear
Edward Jan 7
ravens tear at me,
each clinging to their own piece.
rip me endlessly.
Edward Jan 6
Emotion is not us,
You said frustratedly, but I,
As I was to die,
You wanted to save my shell,
The human part of you was why
Edward Jan 4
I saw you across
The room, not turning to me.
To meet my dark eyes,
And whisper to me softly,
What all those lines tried to hide.
Edward Jan 2
Sitting together,
Leaning close,
The electricity,
Lighting the neon,
In your eyes,
Gazing into mine,
Seeing nothing,
Which was all it took,
To turn off the current,
And **** the light
Edward Dec 2018
I must go.
As I turn, I see,
Hidden by my eye,
A blossom.
A beautiful, fragile blossom.
But the tree is dying.
I must go.
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