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Edward Jan 2019
A red flower,
Once pretty,
Lying down,
Petals torn,
Stem broken
Edward Jan 2019
don't be serious
you must try to smile far more
smile from ear to ear
Edward Jan 2019
ravens tear at me,
each clinging to their own piece.
rip me endlessly.
Edward Jan 2019
Emotion is not us,
You said frustratedly, but I,
As I was to die,
You wanted to save my shell,
The human part of you was why
Edward Jan 2019
I saw you across
The room, not turning to me.
To meet my dark eyes,
And whisper to me softly,
What all those lines tried to hide.
Edward Jan 2019
Sitting together,
Leaning close,
The electricity,
Lighting the neon,
In your eyes,
Gazing into mine,
Seeing nothing,
Which was all it took,
To turn off the current,
And **** the light
Edward Dec 2018
I must go.
As I turn, I see,
Hidden by my eye,
A blossom.
A beautiful, fragile blossom.
But the tree is dying.
I must go.
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