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Jerry Vital Jul 3
Distant days
With dying dreams
And desperate desires
Jerry Vital Jun 28
What do you need
I don’t have ****
Can’t do the deed
Don’t have to plead
You’re just a creed
That is agreed
To bring some steed
To please the need
A bunch of greed
Can’t take the lead
Not guaranteed
They would succeed

Hearts are decreed
By broken reed
Cannot be freed
From the bad seed
We need to feed
Don’t have no mead
Cannot proceed
And cannot heed
Time to exceed
And stop the bleed
What do we need
Jerry Vital Jun 28
Through the dense forest,
And the deep valley, alone I walk.
Thoughts scattered away like butterflies,
Flying deep into the summer green;
There, the creeks are my only directions
And the mountains, my only inspirations.
After 1000 miles,
I dwell deeper into the great Rockies
Where I walk idly
Lingering through million years of glory.
Down the rift valley,
Rest dazzling shades of blue
With beautiful colour hue
That spurs me to great endeavours
In these enticing landscapes, I wander.
Deeper into these fields of valleys
Through an ethereal world where life just shines
Without a peculiar city that confines;
Like gravity I’m pulled further
By the sounds of the soothing water
And the sight of the giant crests
Along these endless trails, I feel conjure
Following the footprints of the antelopes
As the day fared forth,
And time just hurries on
I lay down quietly through the open meadows
Where only doves reign.
Jerry Vital Jun 24
Through a grey sky, weeps teardrops of the clouds
Where the sun hides away its light
Meanwhile the city enshrouds
In this gloomy day our souls cradle into the night

With fears the branches tremble
The leaves start to crumble
From the skylight window
I watch the trees drowning in sorrow

These days, the hearts only know solitary
Swallowed by our own sanctuary
A day like this makes one slumber
With just a little nap our emotions are swept under

Like a torpid sloth, I remain
Where alienation is my only gain
Until the sun comes, I await
A moment where my life will elate
Jerry Vital Jun 21
This is the time of the year again
Where the birth of sweet summer reigns
In the beautiful swiftly moving waters
Where everything around just shimmers

Sun swung around above our head
Wondering if nightfall will ever shed
White petals strew over sweet summer greenness
Hauling us out from all the spring darkness

Disappearing glowing orb in the nightly sky
Meanwhile twilight heaves euphoric sigh
Longing for an everlasting day
Wishing only if you could ever stay
Jerry Vital Sep 2018
In an eternal ride
I dive deeper into the mind.
Creating possibilities
That unwind.
With just a small amount of time
This new reality unveils.
Proclaiming myself to sublime
My battle prevails.
In this euphoric state
I'm adrift into my own realm
Contemplating of a world that I overwhelm.
Until I hear this voice that shouts:
Mister, to your last stop.
So please be out!
Jerry Vital Sep 2018
Sometimes Mrs. Little bliss
Is all a mist
But Her love, is never amiss

And when I fall, because I miss
with tenderness she'll hold my wrist
Pulling me out from the abyss

Everytime she blows a kiss
I, myself could never resist
With just a touch of her lips, I'll have eternal bliss
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