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Ankita Dash Jun 9
You scroll through your social media where people have sworn not to show what they feel like so their 'profiles' can be aesthetic to look at.
You look at dog videos and swear not to think about your dead dog with whom you never got to cuddle one last time.
You walk through streets you've never been to hoping that it'll lead to a story.
You kiss boys and girls you don't really like and pretend you're waiting for the three-days-later call. You constantly listen to Cardi B because you can't take another Bon Iver song.
You fake a smile, an ******, a brave face.
You look at where you're staying and pretend not to long for that one little park in Paris where  you could spend your entire life.
You unblock the ones you lost and feel a fleeting sense of comfort in knowing that they're not happy either and block them again, to feel 'powerful'.
You look back at your journey and sigh because you haven't done enough. You curl into your uncomfortable bed.

And then you realise you're not done.

You realise your journey is just starting. There's so much left for you to say and do and teach and feel. You realise that the best part about yourself is that you're hopeful, despite it all. You realise that despite all the bad that has gotten to you, there's still good, and you can create it. You realise that you've places to go and people to fall for. You've learnt to become your own teacher and your own pupil. You realise that the sky is not the limit for you. You think people calling themselves a work in progress is a cliché, but you know you're one yourself. You're not magnificent. But you will be.

So you light up a cheap cigarette and play the Bon Iver song. And you wait.
This is obviously not a poem, but prose. I just wanted it to be up here.
Two sides of the same moon
Ever since then, I've been gazing at your light
Yet for some reason
You've never showed me your dark
and that
tore me right apart
how your beauty, within the night
became the last strife of my life.
Ruheen Apr 2019
Evil is underestimated when it should be understood
We focus on the good when even the bad has a story
We still prefer the heroes to the villains
When sometimes, the villains win and the heroes lose
Heroes wouldn't be heroes
Without evil
Just a thought. Heroes wouldn't be able to do anything if villains didn't do something.
Good can't exist without bad.

Read it from top to bottom or from bottom to top. It still makes sense.
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
Women what happen to standards? Do you not realize every time you open your legs(****** or not) your body is changed. "Turn down for what?" SELF RESPECT. He love you yet he cant seem to be enough. From girls night out ( TRANLASTION: Bust a new ***** so if THIS ***** start trippn......) to "shes going through  something and needs me."( TRANLASTION: Im out and hes gettin it to night) yall to much. But to be real  he know this and still he stays. FOREVER LOYAL. He trys to brighten your day with the little things, but i guess so small you never even see it SLAVES to the clock to buy you nice things. And still none of this matter. He return home to your friends or ***** house or UNEXPLAINED ATTITUDE. Mysterious investigation of his           belongings,  constant  interrogation. For what??? He doesn't know. How can he see a wife in you if a wife  you are not. A wife/wifey(girlfriend) is holds him down even before her because SHE KNOWS although he is strong he still can be weak. She feed him and f__ks him because SHE KNOWS thats what he NEEDS. When he is tired she accommodate to him. He is king and she is QUEEN. These rolls are important and SHE KNOWS this. He returns home not wanting anything/ or anyone but her and SHE KNOWS that. She is his everything, his PORNSTAR. She is his rock and he is hers. SHE KNOWS she can not fall if she holds on to him and SHE DOES  with confidence.

I havnt found her yet, she out there. I just take one day at a time.
Remember, I can fit any shoe. Doesn't mean the coin doesn't have to heads
Tommy Randell Feb 2018
Today I will write verses and you will be in them all
None of them will mention your name
Relax you will not be mentioned at all -
You put me on a lead it's guaranteed I will go long

Telling it as it happened walking the pathways to doubt
None of that highlights our struggles
To sort any of the problems out -
Love is the answer it is never never the question

I won't be going into any no-holds-barred confessionals
The embarrassing attempts at solutions
That would sully us both as well as it being regrettable -
****** politics is always a democracy of 1

The separate beds we slept in, the reasons still making me blush
The adolescence of all those positions
Or what brought on such mutual disgust -
It was a Root Chakra Kiss it wasn't meant as aggression

We did have a chemistry at times even comic cosmic highs
Those nights camping in the mountains
Hard now not to get all agonized
Don’t tell me the stars are shining show me how the Sky was broken

The marriage if that's what it was unravelled itself I think
It was a You verses Me zero sum
With jealousy being the causal link
*Still calling yourself my name 40 years after we've spoken
Alex Nov 2017
My love for you will never die but yours died long ago.
My heart and Mind
are in battle every day,
but yours won time ago.
My emotions are like the weather, always noticeable,
yours, are like a Tsunami,
before you realize
what's going on its to late.
My thoughts are killing me.
Your thoughts?
You have none.
I am nothing to you.
My trust? Forever yours.
Yet you have no trust for me.
My body and soul, every inch of my body is yours. I am entirely devoted. You? She is yours.
Rose Grant Jul 2015
Often we stumble and fall,
Failing to see the reason behind it all...
The mind starts playing a wicked game,
Thoughts we cannot seem to tame.....
The demons seem to rise,
but still..
Silently hidden in a surreal disguise....
Is it a beast that is trapped?
Or is it one big mystery waiting to be unwrapped.....
The thought is that we have got it right,
Negligent of the loss in plain sight........
So be sure to know the lucid history,
Because there are two sides to every story.......................................
Everything is a mystery here.... So don't judge before you know the truth... All of it ....
Niki Elizabeth May 2015
i heard what you told me
but i saw your eyes...
then i read what you wrote
and now i wish mine were blind.
Garry Napkin Mar 2015
War is like a debate with two sides,
Arguing in the form of blood,
Red like the lava from a volcano, deadly and painful,
With the roar of massive tanks, like a lion roaring at it's prey,
And with the screams and cries of the dying, what a sorrow sight it is,
Although war can be catastrophic,
Emerging from it could compensate
With new ideas and new designs.
Hello, I am looking for some critiques about this poem as well as some tips.  I would also love to hear some interpretations (if any).  Keep in mind that I am young and just beginning poetry so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

— The End —