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Elizabeth Mar 2022
While I sat beside my bedroom window
rested my shaking hands on the walking stick which has become the only companion I have left

I looked out to have a clearer view of what the world has become,
the remains of my childhood days and a mixture of civilization

I closed my eyes shut and took a long deep breath
memories from the past rushing in, each trying to outrace the other in my head
Then the voices in my head resurface, growing louder with each passing minutes

Memories and voices I have repressed for so long,
pushing them deep down each time they try to surface
but today I let them have their way,
I opened the lid I placed on them
I guess it's time to pay a visit to the past
No more hide and seek game for today.

Let the memories guide me as I do
Let the voices accompany me, haunt me and make a mockery of me
Let them walk me through yesteryear, take me through each phase of life
From birth, childhood, teenage, youth and adulthood
Let them remind me

Of the pains I endured
Of the costly mistakes, I made
Of the consequences and prices, I paid
Of the helping hands, I turned down
Of the loving heart, I misjudged and hurt
Of the betrayals I experienced
Of the opportunities, I missed and grabbed
Of the lives, I injured and inspired
Of the reckless life, I lived

And bring me back to where I am now
As I wait for death and count the days left
when I'll be reunited with those who have gone ahead of me.
As we grow older, we think more about the kinda life we lived in the past. Some memories of the past bring regrets, others bring joy.
Elizabeth Mar 2022
How do I explain this feeling of emptiness
Which is as thick as a blanket around me
How do I explain this strong urge to cry
To weep and wail like the world has ended
And curl up like a ball behind my sofa
And silently wish for death to come claim me
There are times when I feel empty and can't find the reason yet I can't explain how I feel. Today is one of such days
Elizabeth Nov 2020
I taught him that life was a battlefield,

I gave him all he will ever need to fight those wars and win them all

But I failed to tell and teach him how to stay alive.

I told him that his society will protect him

I advised him to trust in his leaders for help

that his country will fight and stand by him

But I failed to tell him that his society will bring his fall.

I lost my son in the battlefield

I could have given my life in exchange

but I got carried away fighing my wars

And now his lifeless body lies in my arms

A generation of greatness lost!

A nation of selfless leader wiped out!

A great warrior is lost to war!

All in the name of raging wars

I regret not teaching him to stay alive.
It's a poem about the picture of a mother who held her son's lifeless body in both arms. They were both victims of wars raging in their country but the child couldn't escaped death.
Elizabeth Nov 2020
You said I shouldn't be scared of falling in love with you
You promised to catch me while falling before I hit the ground

So I took you for your enticing words
Swallowed your bait, hook, line, and sinker

I never knew you were a ******* player,
Who had chosen my heart as the next playing ground

I didn't realize that my love meant nothing to you
Until it was too late to withdraw

You should be happy now right?
That I fell for your tricks and made a fool of myself.

But all the same, I don't regret the day our path crossed
Because even for the tinniest moment

I thought you were mine and I was yours.
And that feeling is enough
Elizabeth Aug 2020
While lying on her bed and wringing in pain
she held my hands with her soft, frail hand and said to me

"what really is life"?
I looked tearfully into her eyes and answered
"It's a place where our stories begin."

She signed deeply and released my hands
pain and agony were written all over her
she exhaled deeply and said to me

"what exactly is death"?
I wiped the tears that rolled down my face and said
"it's a place where our stories end"

She closed her eyes and said
this is where my own story ends
and with that, she remained still.
I looked at her and shook my head
Another unfinished story, another untold tale.
I lost my aunt today. She fought dearly for her life but still lost it to death. It was very painful watching her gasping for breath.
Elizabeth Aug 2020
Let's meet again in that land where only love exists.
I wish things were different but we are worlds apart.
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