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Gray Jun 2019
what did i ever do
to deserve a woman
as cruel and heartless
as you?
my relationship with my mother
Gray Jun 2019
the princess
in shining armour
got the prince
out of his tower
make me your king?
Gray Jun 2019
the way
he grabbed you,
and hurt you
reminded me
all too much
of him being
it isn't completely about you, sweetheart
i wish i could make it better
Gray May 2019
i want you next to me,
to feel your soul intertwined

to feel you once again
would be a dream come true

you are the one thing
that meant anything to me

you held me together,
and now you're gone

wish i could bring you back
another poem for my dearly departed gramma.
01/11/1945 - 10/22/2017
you are missed more than you know
Gray May 2019
she is everything
that keeps me walking

standing here,
looking there

she is my fire,
my only desire

counterpart, depart

she is art;
a masterpiece

she is the one who has
the lease for my heart
something else for the special girl in my life
she keeps me sane when the world goes dark
  May 2019 Gray
she is the heaven
you would go to hell for
  May 2019 Gray
to the the girls who starve themselves,
the ones that watch their carbs,

you want to feel adored
you´re personality is fading
they´ll eventually get bored.

while striving for more
you settle for less

you can´t seem to love yourself
step on the scale, there go a few numbers
along with your happiness
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