Dreams do come true
Are dreams too
Funny how the one most important thing
Destroyed me to little bits of pieces
But is also the one thing that
Glued me back into whole
My biggest loss
Giving me a better one
Driving me to move forward
Wedding bells!
A fool's fantasy for entertainment
"They're actually Warning bells for my funeral" I thought
I couldn't be more woman
So I'm one of the guys
"Go talk to him" she says. "Trust me he likes you" she says.

"I like you" he says. "You're like one of the guys" he says.

...well she's not entirely wrong lol
  Nov 19 TheStartOfMyEnds
I am not untouchable
For I am human
In my tangibility
I care too much
I give too much
and that’s why I
hurt so much
Too much
Like a storm surge
But of blood
Rushing up to the temple
Melted veins
Hidden underneath thickened skin
Bruised swollen lips
Between clattering teeth
Anger seduced the racing beat
Of a trampled heart
But the mind exercised
Self discipline
Coerced the flame
Erupting out of a bleeding heart
To submit
A hateful battle between
Sensible mentality and defensible emotions
Where neither wins
They threatened to rain
but refused to fall
to be ruined
as the rest of you
It's alot easier to give in to anger, when you've been scarred too deep, letting it call the shots... than to stand against it, let it go even if it'll leave you dry and open wide for more wounds. But with anger comes revenge and with revenge... a double edged sword
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