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The rain sung her a lullaby
As she slowly drifted off into the dark
Floating with the stars
  Mar 26 TheStartOfMyEnds
you may never notice,
but as the dawn breaks,
and dust leaves,
my desire for your
touch never fades.
blinded by whatever
Greedy Heart made peace with an agitated Mind
So comes easily
I don't know
My mind's trying to find the answers
That my heart couldn't
Myself is sad, worried, angry..
About everything!
about nothing
Water dripping from the faucet makes me want to cry
The sweet smell of my freshly laundered clothes...
I love it but I also want them to burn
I don't want anyone to see me
I don't want to see anyone
But I also don't want to push anyone away
A pen slips out of my fingers at work
And that honestly broke my heart
I find myself unable to breathe
I feel a thousand emotions I couldn't name
Half of them I don't even know what they are
I hate myself for hating the things I love
I hate myself for not knowing why
I'm tired, I'm tired of being tired
My mind tells me to read my books
Books make me happy
I love books
Heart says NO!
You don't
I guess you can say in this situation
My mind is the man in this relationship
My heart, the indecisive woman
Yes, No! Wait! Yes nothing!
.....i'm fine...
Everything hurts so very much
But really... they're both trying
To be just fine
The high
Had been the closest
Taste of perfection
To the reality
I sometimes loathe
Until I try to find
And bring back the me
I just tried to ****
It's an ongoing battlefield
Right here
Between my *******
Torn between two desires
and I'll be ******
If I strangle his beautiful neck
And kiss his lips
All at once
with all the rage
I have to erupt
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