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TheStartOfMyEnds Jul 2020
One not an ounce of fear
she crawled out of her pupa
evolved so clamorously
flaunting such aura
delicate beautiful wings
so small and thin, of great fragility
but an appetite for the world
larger than a king's hunger,
greed for power, wealth, gold..

"Stay! - just a second longer"

But she had to know, had to see
      ...had to explore
                 ...had to have it all

strayed away too far from thee
little wings
remoulding colours
in memories of her valour; her ambitions;
forever etched in one's mind
a harrowing flight
let them bewail such occurence
let them seek consoling thoughts
who believes in metempsychosis
she found home in the lights embrace
TheStartOfMyEnds Jan 2020
My name
Because our names mark our beginnings
The Start Of My Ends
How I yearned for freedom
to break free from his shackles
But a single touch of freedom
left me empty
I lost too much
it became meaningless
that is how it came to
The Start Of My Ends

Fortunately my Name
is like a piece of paper
when you've destroyed a side
you flip it over
and start again on the clear page
God showed me how
he heard my heart cry and took my hands onto his
I glanced down to see
I was silenced
by His light and the warmth of his touch
No measure of time can be told
but my losses can be seen brought back
into my arms
and that is how it came to be
The Start of My Ends

With my Name
and on behalf of all other Names
I thank the Lord for not giving up on
those who gave up
for listening to every prayers
said and unsaid
for wiping away tears
shed and unshed
There is truly no word
big enough to Express the joy
that is wrapped around me like
my favourite blanket

To all the bad days
this is how it came to be
The Start of their Ends
Life does get better
TheStartOfMyEnds Jan 2020
There was this story about a butterfly
how she can never stay in one place for too long
she'll soon spread her wings
a journey with no fixed destinations
but this butterfly I know
wandered too far and too close
she never landed
captured maybe but her wings...
her wings never pinned or clipped off
no they were as beautiful as ever
this butterfly decided to stay
wrapped around his little finger
It found me
TheStartOfMyEnds Apr 2019
The rain sung her a lullaby
As she slowly drifted off into the dark
Floating with the stars
  Mar 2019 TheStartOfMyEnds
you may never notice,
but as the dawn breaks,
and dust leaves,
my desire for your
touch never fades.
blinded by whatever
TheStartOfMyEnds Mar 2019
Greedy Heart made peace with an agitated Mind
So comes easily
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