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I was 26 when dreams were gone
And I lay a corpse

A day as every other
Set of work and more
It never occurred twice
To savour this life a little more.

Through this day
I only remain a memory
I have lived short
Was it the wrong order
Or a quick thought
I haven't questioned yet.

It seems okay, to let go
To leave you behind
I am sorry for parting soon
I will be waiting.

Life is too short To Say No, To Say Never.
In the memory of a friend,
May your soul Rest in Peace.
Battle to my death,
Without fear, without worry;
Create my story, and be feared.

Souls lost or longed,
But never prolonged the spear.
Lost cities and palaces,
The sand covered them all.

Meadows run dry,
The colonies fall prey.
Sad are the years,
Yet they pass by.

Why battle to death?

The truth to be shamed,
Lies prevail the sea.
Man wishes more,
And condemns the truth.

Death clears the path,
No mist to the mirror.
The Crusader is dear.
Death is all about
Next step of life
One cannot withstand,
Only be delayed
To be laid one day.

There are no rules
There is no place
To go or follow
You just have to rest.
For death is no play
But a game you lose.

You were bound on earth
But now free to fade
Lest the wake of truth
Is the path of all dead
For death is no play
But a game you lose.

— The End —