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aha Dec 2019
I have a bone to pick with people
who have
the audacity
the gall
the *****
to put Nutella
in the fridge

if you don't know what happens
when you
put Nutella
in the fridge
I will tell you.

when you
put Nutella
in the fridge
it gets all hard

similar to when frosting is put
in the fridge
or when you lose your innocence

then when a cool person comes along
(ex. Me)
wanting to make a
peanut butter and Nutella sandwich
and it's FROZEN

let's just say that persons' quality of life
will be dimmed
i have strong feelings for Nutella
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*( Nutella )*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Star BG May 2019
The world is full of color.
And the writer uses
its ink shades of verse
to spread it into eyes,
like word peanut butter.
If poem is good it sticks
to your heart.
A healthy way to ingest grand words.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
I love you to pieces.
All of you being my favorite.
After a long day, I look forward to seeing you.
Being around you.
I constantly loose myself in your eyes.
Every moment with you a blessing.
Whether it's early in the morning
Or late at night.
I love every moment.
My chocolate peanut butter craving starts and ends with you.
I can't help but smile.
Thankful that your not wrapped in tin foil.
A moment of trust easily accessible.
By far the greatest gift I could ever receive.
I accept all of you.
Delectable pieces poured into my hands.
Sensually sharing hidden parts of ourselves.
Every inch uncovered beneath coated chocolate.
Creamy peanut butter.
Soon melted away by tastes desire.
It's practical to see why I have to call in sick.
Spending all my time with you.
Your taste still on my lips.
Stomach still aching.
My chocolate peanut butter craving.
Thank you for being you
Joshua Haines Jan 2017
Tonight is for peanut butter
and blue dreams,
soaked in ***** blasts.
I feel okay but my friends are
dead and it will always last.
Don't count on me
to care too much.
Don't care for me,
because you can't
count on me.

I've remembered the neon signs;
all the life I've left behind.
It's not easy being lost at twenty-three;
my bark is hard but I'm
a rotting tree.
SummertimeLace Aug 2016
I am but a mere jar of peanut butter

sitting on a shelf
because mostly that's
where I tend to leave myself

If you come and get me
then clearly you will see
labels that are printed
all over me

if you do not fancy
then fine throw me out
but if you think you'll like me
then its on our way to checkout

on our way to checkout
then to the car
to your little home
near or far

hard plastic outside
cool to the touch
at first I really truly
do not look like much

but when you dig down
and open me up
I'm soft
I'm sweet
and so unlike my shell
my labels sometimes lie
never really tell

I am but a mere jar of peanut butter

Pick me over fish?
know there'll be some work involved
proceed as you wish
So, okay, are you listening?
Being a monkey means
many things...
It also means loving,
not just bananas,
but the people who love
bananas, and monkeys too!

Listen to me in your heart,
pay attention now, person,
and this is gonna be
the best smoothie ever!

Bananas come first, of course,
then yogurt, vanilla, of course,
a BIG spoon of peanut butter..
Yes, really!
Trust me!
Cinnamon to jazz it up,
water to smoothen it...
we are calling this a smoothie
And for extra-special, maple syrup,
to give it a heavenly touch!

Now cover your ears,
which are almost as sensitive
as mine, and ... Oh!

How do you push the button
with your fingers over your ears!
For the child in every heart, and every child.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Matthew Jul 2014
This poem is thumping like a boulder
at the bottom of a river
And last year’*****
is fighting static on the radio

We sat against the waves
all day yesterday
I still feel the rocking
That anti-movement

The best part of a meal is right when the food arrives
I’d rather stay hungry than be satisfied
to stop wanting
to stop chasing

I sleep on the ground
to be farther away from you

the whole time we were stock images
choreographed feelings
unrealistic props
and a well timed photographer

Now we’re stopping in yesterday’s parking lot
and today’***** has turned jarring.
They’ll be running our circles
long after we die.

I made a dozen
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
before my mother came home
and took the knife out of my hand

I’m running to you
like you’re a pint of Ben & Jerry's
and I'm lactose intolerant

It stays in my mind
like choking on medicine

It’s like that pregnant silence
when the waiter asks
“together or separate?”

It’s like driving up a mountain
or criticizing the lack of representation in a Hallmark movie
alone from my couch.

There’s nothing poetic about stalking you on twitter.
but it’s part of the story so here’s a stanza about it anyway.

[Pause for effect]

I hope next time we meet
you’ll ask me how I am
I’ll tell you I am super
and both of us will believe it

I hope one of us will smile and say
“0ne day”
and the other will notice the typo.

— The End —