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Most of us are just paper planes,
Trying to become origami cranes.
Constellations Dec 2016
when i was younger
i used to toss paper planes
into the air
now when i toss myself into the air
i see myself as a paper plane
once caged,now free.
I've been rolling,
getting lonely, without trees here to hold me
stars have now exploded a million times, but is it only in my mind
it's only been a moment, I wish I could hold it
but I know time is on my side

Am I even outside
I think I'm walking on the  s

   ­                                                        / I'm feeling pretty HiGh,
I must be dinning on the stars tonight
I see the paper planes go by, they stop to say "h
                                                            ­                  i"

I have some trees by my side.

Galaxy's* are in my cup,
I'll be swimming here sippin' up,
is it alright if I stay here tonight? I know I AM ON A FLIGHT
I'm here to dance with the moon,
                ­                     down
                                                                ­ soon.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Was it so long ago
Under the old oak we built our dreams?
So tiny, we were,
The world seemed like such a big place
For two dream chasers, like us.

Was it a thousand years ago
When you in all your innocence
Said that you'd check under the bed
In all your childish valor, and clear me of my fears?

Do you remember,
When we sat by the cold stream
With the water running through our feet,
How you picked up a few daisies
And crowned me as the queen?
And how I picked up a stick
And made you my knight of honor?

Remember running back home,
When it got too late,
Scared your old man, a drunk,
Will beat your Ma and make you cry?
How when I waved good bye from the next door,
All I hoped was that you'll make it out alive
The next day.

Was it so long back,
When we lay in green fields
And looked up to the blue skies,
Dreaming one day, we'll make it up there
And never have to look back in tears?

Flying paper planes and trying to catch our dreams
Doesn't seem so long now,
That you said goodbye
*And made it first to what lay beyond the blue skies.

— The End —