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Fire Jul 2017
I never loved you I loved the attention
To break your heart is my only intention
You smile you laugh you try to talk
But time is just getting closer for me to walk
You say nice things and such sweet lies
But your mouth is rotten and filled with flies
Your lips are soft and sweet
But filled with poisonous deceit

I'm you're Cinderella can't you see?
It's always been me
But your eyes only see pigs
Not the flower amongst the figs

You're peculiar
A new allure
You find your jaw impeccable
But your character: dependable
Your heart is your affliction
With it comes your eviction
You plead to Him to let you stay
You promise you won't walk away

A second chance
Another glance
You see your fathers hand
A marching band
A white beach sand
You gain a new stance

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all
The one who carries Him in his heart
Can lead a life with a fresh start
Eve May 2017
Those eyes, so striking;
Hiding such deception
   •looking only to gain
        Not to save and restore
          But to corrupt and pain
           Yet, I let you love me
             For I am filth, ensured
               To give you everything
                  For just your phony love
                     For just your presence

Those lips, so intoxicating;
Dishonest with such precision
                      •mixes lies only to keep
                    My drunkenness so deep
                Your potion never goes weak
             Your enchantments so fulfilling
           So bogus, yet so satisfying
         But I'm only human
       Your lies save myself, fallen
     Your magic saves my thunder
   And I need my thunder
  I need you saving my thunder.

That touch, so mesmerizing;
Fatal with such bruising intention
    •love it is you alone
         that wreck so beautifully
           Only you can satisfy me fully
             Can send knives in my spine
               Can play and victor my mind
                Only you can wear my lips
                  Tear it with your fingertips
                   love clothe my emptiness
                     Fulfill my nakedness
                      Make me a pretty dress
                       For I am an enchantress
                        And you're a salvation
                         I'm seeking redemption
                          From only you,
                           With only you
                             I desire
                      ­           Only you.
                                Only you•

Manic Brilliance Jan 2017
My memories deceive me, and my heart bleeds to thoughts of
      you, poisoned from the curse that runs deep within my veins.
      Do I halter and use the words that I can, to try with you,
      another chance?

      My memories deceive me, and my mind is headed to a paradox of
      life that doesn't bring happiness but only a subtle feeling
      of contentment. For in my memories you are with me in a
      final, never ending dance.

      My memories deceive me, as the bewildering cries from within
      awaken the soul that has been bound by chains created from
      the sins of my past life, and are made stronger by the sins
      of which are my own.

      My memories deceive me, as the rumors of your betrail fade
      into the shadows but the calling from our hearts reach into
      the light, violently, yet no sound have they shown.

      My memories deceive me, trying to hold them back, all that
      accomplishes is bringing you into my senses once again, but I
      go forth to a different land with what could have and should
      have been.

      My memories deceive me, chased by an altered state of mind
      where nothing has gone wrong, no death, no pain, just the
      feeling of contentment once again.

      My memories, they deceive me and everyone around me, for I do
      not see faces, only souls that fade into surroundings. A
      paralytic view is what they show, of what should have, could
      have been you and me.

      My memories deceive me, but could they instead be the truth
      that I have been seeking as I try hard to sink them in

      My memories. My memories, immortal as they come, they open my
      eyes, though they burn like facing the sun, in this time I
      have begun, to realize my memories. They do not deceive, but
      only conceive the past that I have forgotten and shields me
Marty T Ottman Dec 2016
What if it's took a different course.
Forget all the remorse, pretty lies.
Beauty in disguise, honestly..You don't see me.
Loyalty unfolding into anxiety.
Once these eyes saw beneath the surface.
As a purpose drench in worthless daze .
Running in mazes.. worsen by the condition in illusions of the beat of your heart ... question my ways.. things that portrays that amaze..Guess I should rephrase.
All those pretty words, whole world left unheard .
When it feels like your heart strikes up against your chest, morals to the test.. I's for the best.
Impressions lost.. confessions toss, Colliding  obsession.
Em Apr 2016
He said that he wasn't good enough for me, and I think that's what set me over the top. Because all my life I have never been good enough for anyone: friends, parents, boys, anyone. And finally I had met someone who I thought didn't take me for granted. Someone who I believed loved me. I thought that he honestly believed he wasn't good enough, which in turn made him the perfect fit. But I was wrong. What he was really saying was that I didn't deserve what he was giving me. I didn't deserve being walked all over, the lies, the secrets. I think he was genuinely saying that I deserved better then what he was ever going to offer me. And after five months I still don't know what to do with that.
Written 4.18.16
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
Maybe if we looked beneath the exterior , the radiant glow
All the pain hidden underneath would begin to show
What secrets she hides,no one Knows
But her grief, her depression continues to grow

A monster tears people apart
Hurting people merely for the art
A twisted tower of destruction
No preparation for your hearts abduction
In disguise do not undermine we
This terror, is this me?
Still at its confused state
Mystifying Chaos Dec 2015
After all that she had done to him.
He continued to love her.
Because, he believed that beneath all the vanity, lies and manipulation; She was beautiful.
She sat cupping a mug
Of cold coffee
Counting the hours
Till he would come back.

She wished she could confront him

She knew of the *****
He kept visiting
And yearned to be more
Desirable and loving
Twisting  her
Sterling Silver wedding

if she could please him enough then he would stop going to that pimps house for love,

When he came back; One AM
All ruffled and drunk
She plastered on a Hollywood grin
Whilst taking off his
Perfume scented coat.

the coat that she had marked and claimed him in

And as he took her that night
In her best Victoria's Secret
She tried her best to pleasure him
In every way she knew
As she loved him so strongly

surely she was enough for him;his one and only?

In her eyes he deserved  the best
For he was her Jack and she  his Rose
And thus she prepared herself
For more  heartache
Seeing another date
made with her
On his mobile calendar

*No matter how hard she tried or how much she loved him she'd never be good enough for him,
People take the love of others way too lightly not knowing how affected the others can get by their actions
Devashish Kumar Mar 2015
Let me tell you something.
Something which may seem
Difficult to digest
Or counter-intuitive.
Your enemies are your best friends.
You must be wondering
What the hell?
But seriously your enemies are your best friends.
No one helps you more than your enemies.
They think of you better than anyone.  
By being on lookout for
Your slips and weaknesses,
They always keep you focused-
Always at your toes.
They help your realize your true potential.
They bring out the best of you.
They never let you dawdle.
They never deceive you
Or blandish you.
They reveal your loyalties.
Above all
Nothing beats the pleasure of
Beating your enemies.
Don’t all these make them your best friends?
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