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I seek stability in
But I’m sorry,
I can’t offer you what
I ask you to give,
What we both need:
I don’t have a thing

What anyone I could find
Is anything, anything other than me,
I guess I’m too broken,
To provide the things I need
For either of us
I know my best won’t be good enough.

Keep out, make sure
You aren’t even close
I’ll ruin everyone not only
My limits have been broken since
I realised I wanted so much

In the end,
You would be
Off dead than
Dead with me.
Tommy Randell May 18
Do you remember them
The people who taught you nothing?
This may seem a little stark
Perhaps even somewhat shocking,

But have you, have you really tried
Keeping their image alive
Those people who made no impact
Neither made you laugh or cry?

So, are they even shadows,
Or semblances of moments -
Can you conjure them intact
Or even partial fragments?

Okay, they weren't cast as heroes,
They had no lines to speak -
In your life they were Walk Ons,
Dramatis Personae sans mystique!

But, perhaps in some future self
A curtain will pull back
And in your mind you will be shocked
To remember them intact -

Those parents, lovers, or friends
Who reached out but could not grasp
As you strode into your Future
And never once looked back!

You who make no promises
May still cause pain and hurt -
When all is dust and the wind blows
All rocks become sand in the desert.
Abbi Sep 2017
Peonies are pink,

your words were unloving, 

Much like a rose, 

you were deceptive and cunning.

Upon embracing your beauty,

my tender flesh was transfixed,

and as my ichor seeped out,

I began to go limp.

My precious petals wilted 
and flit unto the ground.

Back to the earth, for your roots to redound. 

All of my love and all of my spirit.

I will leave to you,
my darling.

My dearest. ~
Zead Jan 2017
My father never left me
I came to him every day
I knew he loved me
And he disciplined me for only good

My father never hurt me
Unless it was for fun for me
He thought precious things of me: For me
I was drowned in love

My father never knew me
i grew into my own
I neglected his love that God planted in him for me
He grew old and weary and began to drive me crazy

I never knew my father
i began searching for him
When I found him. I recieved love and pleasure
I found myself lost as i called for my daddy

My father is my daddy
He made me his plan with his lover
To nurture me, support and take care of me
The way I've always known him is as my daddy

My daddy is not my father
My daddy does not exist
The ******* i *** while in my bed annihilate me
My inadequacies face me eye to eye

My daddy loves me so much
I keep his life going and going
He knows God and His blessings by me
His passions are the cosmos of life's reality for me

My daddy is who i realize he is
My daddy is who i realize he is
He was my daddy and always will be
He was my daddy as my heart lost my daddy
Every first verse is my biological father
Every second verse is my "*** lover"

except the last verse, it goes for each other line.
Anne B Jun 2014
You thought you could love, but darling.

You are the Arctic Ocean.

**— 3.05.14
Not a poem, in truth. Just another one of my confessions.

— The End —