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I write to hopefully get out feelings I keep bottled inside
26/M/Kathmandu,Nepal    sometimes gloomy...sometimes angry...sometimes motivating...sometimes heart breaking...i write what i feel...some what full...some what damaged...
Young and Damaged
Florida    Everyone has a weakness... And weakness is the hardest to hide Because it creeps up on you... Like shadows in the dark.


Rhiannon Grace Jul 2014
undo the damage
make the cuts go away
undo the damage
so i won't be afraid
undo the damage
make the bruises fade
undo the damage
that i have made
undo the damage
it's eating me up
undo the damage
that makes me cut
undo the damage
i can't do it anymore
undo the damage
before my blood stains the floor
undo the damage
i'm sad because of you
undo the damage
i'm afraid i won't make it through
Andrew Rueter  Mar 2018
Andrew Rueter Mar 2018
We speak the explicit language of damage
Whether it's through anguish or famine
It only takes a little while to examine
Until we learn the language well
And eventually become fluent
To create this worldwide hell
Where the warfare is incongruent

We speak this language for many reasons
We speak this language through every season
The dialect varies from country to country
But all that really matters is who's hunting
The end result is the same
For damage done before
We inflict retributive pain
To even the damage score

Damage lowers our health
Damage increases their wealth
Damage puts us on the shelf
Until we damage ourself

The damage is done
So we must run
But at some point we turn around
Planting our feet into the ground
Becoming the damage cause
Doing what we've learned
We attribute this to our flaws
Not caring who gets burned

There is a damage sandwich
Within our damaged land's width
We're caught between being imposed on
And becoming oppressors
You're either forced to keep your clothes on
Or become an undresser
Perceptions of greater and lesser
Further complicate the scenario
We receive them through our stereo
To look down on those of other barrios
All of that damage can be parried though
If we work as a team
Better yet a species
To live in a utopian dream
Instead of our feces
Ahmad Cox Mar 2014
I cant hold back
I have to attack
This negativity
Inside of me that
Is building a
Beat as it climbs
I cant rewind my
My mind from the
Negative as I testament
I cant deny this feeling
That keeps burning in me
In me
In me
Stay Damaged
Stay Damaged
I got to find
That inner fight
For the light
Or stay Damaged
Stay Damaged
As I free flow this
Time I feel I cant
Break free
Of this Damage
This Damage
The only thing
That can heal my
Heart is the light
That is just
Staring to spark
As I become
Less Damaged
Less Damaged
Cant give up the
Fight for the light
So that others can
Becomes less damaged
We have to help each other
To stay in positivity
Healing each other
In this free flow positive
As we move forward
In life trying to
Heal and create
Less Damage
For the earth
Less Damage
For each other
Less Damage
For ourselves
Less Damage
For our family
Less Damage
Less Damage.