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dark blue Jan 2022
mousy girl, sitting in the corner, of an american airlines’ lounge

staring out a window, watching it snow

waiting for a flight from frankfurt to dallas

so cute, so demure, how is a boy to resist you

long shiny hair, over sized sweats, black leggings, white keds

sitting crossed, over one leg, slightly bouncing nervously

occasionally catching my eye, then glancing away

are you flirting or just curious, i wish i knew

how do i approach you, what do i say

am i of interest or am i passe

do you know, you’re playing the part, of a little

do you need a daddy, someone to hold, protect you

make you feel special, loved, and cared for

cuddled, kept warm

kissed and touched, everywhere
january 9, 2022
Eileen Black Jan 2019
Do you not see
Lovely about yourself after all this time i have been trying to
Love you? after all the words i’ve said or ways i’ve shown?
So many looks and smiles and hugs and compliments and confessions and talks and night drive? you don’t see?

I love you.
(The number of words in each line coincides with the numerical value of the capital letter.)
Brianna Feb 2018
The summer in Texas took everything it could from me -- my confidence, my soul, and all the sweat my body could produce.
But it also showed me happiness.
It showed me lake days and laughter, drinking in the sand with my best friend, and searching for alligators in a swamp.

It showed me that  sometimes you need to go to Louisiana and gamble until 3 am then drive three hours back home.
Reminiscing about your youth and making new inside jokes to talk about later.

The summer in Texas showed me good food and country music is something I didn't know I was missing from my life.
Showed me dancing on rooftops and art all over downtown Dallas and in Austin too.

This was a year I will never forget-- dreaming of new beginnings and spending a year with my best friend just being twenty something year old for the first time in our life.

A year spent remembering who we are and trying to grow instead of putting ourselves down.

I have something within me that I cannot
Bear the burden of of its insinuation.
In the sport-ability of chit-chat I have
Often tried to conquer these thoughts
And with infinite pain I have hazarded
A thousand things hidden within myself.

“Excuse me,’’ I said upon seeing his face
Coming toward me while walking in Central Park.
“Are you who I think you are?’’ I asked.
“I suppose that depends on who you think I am,” he replied.
Not wanting to be made out a fool I asked
“OK, are you best known as JFK?”
“Well not exactly, he was my father,” he said with a smile.

I stuck out my hand like an idiot – but -
He offered his hand and shook mine like a man.
“I can’t believe it,” I said, “You really can
Bump into anyone in the big apple.”
He said that he had to be going, had to finish
His walk and get back to the office.

I asked him if I could tag along, just walk with him.
He said, “Sure.”
He kept a brisk pace, it was a cool day but comfortable.
The leaves were turned, mostly all fallen and
Then I realized that it was November 22nd.
“I’m real sorry about your dad,” I said,

“It broke my heart when I was a child.”
He nodded his head and sort of slowed his pace.
“How old were you?” he asked.
“I was 9”.
“I was 3”, he said looking at the ground.
“Yeah I know,” I said, “Everybody knew.”

He stopped and turned toward me,
Tilted his head to the left and point blank said,
“You know the story about my dad’s assassination
Is all BS don’t you?”
He caught me completely off guard but before I
Could say anything he turned back around and starting

Walking away from me like I had the plague.
I stood in my tracks but after he had gotten about 10 paces
He stopped and turned, “Well, do you want to walk or not?”
I half jogged to catch up with him and when I did
I couldn’t think of anything to say.
“Look I don’t know you and you don’t know me, “ he said
In a rough almost angry voice.
“Can you keep a secret?” he asked.
Still half jogging to keep up with him I answered,
“Sounds like you need someone to talk to.”

He slowed a bit, “I just got confirmation on who killed my dad.”
OK, about this time I’m like you saying a few choice curse words
In my mind – like holy sh…. You know..
“What are you going to do?” I asked.
“Hell I don’t know,” he said, “It’s all circumstantial.”
Coming to a complete stop, “There’s got to be a way that I
Can tell people, let the whole world know that I know who did it.”

He turned to me, “What would you do if you knew who took your dad
Away from you when you were just a baby but if you told anyone about these
Murdering, slime ***** they would most likely **** you too?” he asked.
“I don’t know sir,” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“If I had your money I’d figure out a way though,” I continued.
With a questioning look he asked, “OK, if you had my money what would you do?”

“I don’t know, man,” I said - “Maybe name a building after them or a street
Or something that everyone knew you named.
You know, like a hint or a clue or something.”
His eyes got big, “That’s it,” he said, “By God that’s it.”
He shook my hand again and asked me my name.
And a few short years later he was gone too.

But the name – the name he named his business – there’s your clue

They say that time heals all wounds.  That isn’t always true. Sometimes what is needed to heal some wounds is justice. I hope that someday this particular American wound gets its fully deserved justice. One thing for sure, there can never be any justice,in this instance or any other, without Truth. What is it about JFK Jr. that whispers to me that he is not really gone?
G Rog Rogers Dec 2017
I knew an Angel once
She was captured in the war

The music was my own
Her song she sang alone

I prayed to forever hold her hand
To forever be her loving man

Her home was far away
Just where I could not stay

God bless her as she sleeps
Please bless her as she awakes
Bless her as she walks
Keep trouble far away

Lord bless her when she cries
and whisper all the whys
Please hold her closely
in your arms
Please keep her safely
from all harm

As the time has past us by
Still it was joy to love her
for awhile

Dear God I beg you please
always bless the goodness
of the Angel who used to be.


G Rog Rogers Nov 2017
-Lyrix (Hard Rock)

Yes and No
and maybe even so
seems that's all
these people
will ever know

They live their lives
inside the walls they build
and they fill them full of their lies

**** their brothers
for a piece of dirt
oh they scratch and groan
I hope that your not hurt

Life it takes
it's toil over me
when all I am
cries out to be free
I feel it's weight
pushing down
from above

It's the bless-ed curse
of eternal love
It's the bless-ed curse
The bless-ed curse
The bless-ed curse
of you.

I want to write
upon the sky
I want to slip
into the dawn

I want to see
your love crashing
all around
I want to love you true
I want to take you down

I will stand and wait
in the darkest tide
I will love you still
until the very day I die

It's the bless-ed curse
The bless-ed curse
The bless-ed curse
of once loving you.



David Bojay Nov 2017
writing is a ballet recital

words are created by movement of your fingers on paper

if you're lucky enough to live another moment, the dance will keep going

and even these simple words


        of processing.....

and it can be too fast to recollect

too fast to understand

it'll need some thinking

the trains of thoughts don't wait for you to hop on.....

be aware of what's inside

be here... David
David Bojay Nov 2017
there's always something to do

we even have to do the sleep

we live, doing things


doing your everyday
doing your "self"
doing your mind

I wonder

if nothing was mine, then would I have to die?

because the spirit is timeless

and doing....always requires time
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