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Emmanuel Coker Nov 2014
If falling in love with you is gonna make me the stupidest of all beings to ever grace the surface of this earth.......i don't think I'd ever wanna be smart.

Dear God i'm so in love with you...i loose all rights to own a brain whenever I get just a glimpse of your beautiful face, the thought of you makes my body ache to be embraced by you...if even for just a quarter of a second.

I'd bumped into you in class....yeah that was when we first met, clumsy me, and when I stood there, ready to apologize for being so clumsy, You smiled....., and as you smiled, I saw in those hazel eyes of yours what heaven would feel like, my heaven. I was lost. Your dreamy eyes kept me in a trance, an hypnotic trance I dared not wish to get out of....Yes!!..when I looked into your eyes, I knew it was you, and I knew I had to have you. This is more love than lust. I don't think I'd ever be happy with any other person. I want you and you alone. I want your whole being.
-To my cutie...(The best thing since sliced bread).
Laughter / inception
An Amazing twist

heads over heels
having climbed
Only slightly

More dangerous trees
:) :)
Lex Jun 2014
I love you a lot.
Whether you do or don't have hair,
Whether you weigh 90 lbs or 200 lbs,
Whether you get straight A's or straight D's,
Because in the end,
None of that matters.

What really matters is what's inside.
How much you care about people,
And everything around you.
How loving, and sweet you are,
To everyone.
Whether you know them or not.

So when I tell you I love you,
Know that your outside is super cute too,
But it's the inside that I love.
It's your inside that is my favourite.
And by inside I don't mean your intestines,
I mean your heart. <3
Though your intestines are pretty hot too.


I wuv woo bbl

(P. S. I may have edited it a little since I sent it to you :3)
J M Surgent Apr 2014
Please don't call me "hunni"
Please don't call me "cutie pie"
Please don't call me "pookie-bear"

I am a 22 year old male.
It's not too much to ask.

— The End —