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Birds of Paradise Lost!
Cloacal kiss turns Glasgow.
Even when your heart is ghost toast,
collect £200 & pass go.

Buckle up tight!
Ostrich midnight
on an inept flight

Bubbawrap skintight,
ostrich midnight!
A blindman's kite
is my fuct flag.

Bats of Paradise Regained!
She's a joker & she's twofaced.
Passions that peng **** inflamed
occasioned smoker's toothpaste.

She's a kawaii harpy,
she's Azrael of Sunshine!
She's my Hawaii harpy,
she's Azrael of Sunshine!
Janelle M Rivera Sep 2018
More than just kawaii desu
More than nico nico ni
And senpai noticing me
You are the reason my heart goes doki doki

More than the final rasengan
More than the last hurrah
And all the power needed for a kamehameha
You give me strength when all hope is gone

More than just friendly rivalries
More than swimming medley relays
And underdog hero clichés
You help me be the best I can be always

With Moon Prism Power
I’ll transform right before your eyes
Into a weeb like no other
You bring me joy before I even realize
Your face radiate such calmness
The way you sleep shows cuteness
Yet so fragile
So vulnerable
I wish to see more
I wish to know more
One day i'd see you as another person
**The real you

— The End —