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for Lori, Riley and Kendrick

the questioning words jump off the page,
into two hands transforming,
words shape shifting into
multicolored ink stained fingers,
now, all a chokehold on my brain,
my throaty gasps rasping from
a simplistic convolution -
single questioning deserving an answer

what are you made of?

the obvious answers left in the slow lane,
bone, tissue, rivers and arteries of blue bloods,
just oil and fuel of a containership,
but the cargo carried, that’s the real stuff

you have insight inside that cannot be seen,
self-survival instincts that morph into morals,
our shared air affects you differently,
a sense of defending, caring,
costless  and costliest simultaneously,
spaghetti strands strong sinewed intertwining,
into a better human than most

to call you hero is wrongly insufficient,
but the thesaurus lends me no substitute,
weep, I do,
as the spring and summer blushing green
will not be seen by you at all, and by me,
seen now so differently,
when thinking of
soil-born courage instinctual that has no name,
but grows only in nature

what are you made of?

we know now, but knew not well,
that thing that makes you leap first,
was all you, the entirety of the best,
that exists, existed, as reminders to us,
to mine it, wear it,
medal it upon our fabric

you three,
breathe it back, exhale it from where ever you are,
that trace chemical odor in our atmosphere,
of life-giving sweetness, a rebirthing chlorophyll freedom
that we humans all desperately need,
even just to know it exists,
and inform us

what we need to be made of
“As shots fired inside a synagogue outside San Diego last month, Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 60, put herself in between the shooter and the rabbi and died as a result.
Riley Howell, 21, charged a gunman who burst last week into a University of North Carolina-Charlotte lecture room carrying a pistol. He too lost his life to save others.
And Tuesday inside a STEM school in Denver, Kendrick Castillo, 18, lunged at a fellow student who had pulled a gun in class, giving his classmates time to take cover. He was the lone student killed in the attack.”
Arvind Bhardwaj Mar 2016
Main Hindi ..
Kabhi seene se mujhko lagaane waale,
Har geet me mujhe gungunane waale,
Bani jab bhi maa ki lori, meri god me wo so jaane waale,
mujhse ab rishta tod chuke hain..

Jinki har vedna ki main awaaz bani,
Khusi se gungunaye to main saaz bani,
Kabhi sone ke panno me khela karti thi,
Aaj chand harfo ki mohtaaj bani.

Kabhi tarannum me to kabhi tarano me thi,
Pyar me likhe afsaano me thi,
Yovan ke madhur sangeeto me thi,
Ishq me tadpe to main unki zubaano pe thi.

Kranti ke inqlaab me nihit, Har  do took jawab me thi,
Akhbaro ke panne bankar jamghat behisaab me thi,
Vijay Udghosh kiya jab tumne, bankar itihaas kitaab me thi.

Har roop me jinko mamta di, Jinka tha maine varan kiya,
Unhi beto me bhari sabha me tha mera cheer haran kiya,
Itne varsho se jo meri godi me fal fool rahe the,
Tadap uthi main, dekha jab, wo mujhko hi ab bhool rahe the.

Antarvedna ke gehan dard se roti main chitkaar rahi thi,
Har koi anjaan tha mujhse, aur main Bebas nihaar rahi thi..
Invocation Oct 2015
She's strong and wise and sticky fingered
She's squishy and smart and colourful and fun
She's small and quick and shiny
And she's gonna find herself in
Being free
Spread ur wangs leetle gecker.

— The End —