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I could stare into those eyes forever, but we only had that night.
I could wake up to them every morning, but the timing of our love wasn't right.

I could put his prolonged gaze on repeat for it made me feel as if no one in the room mattered but me. Just that look spoke to me and told of how he felt the same way.

When he held my hand, it's like it all came together. The moment we had been waiting for finally arrived, allowing the tension to subside. We didn't need words to communicate how we felt, for a single squeeze of his hand told me everything else.

We were so comfortable in each other's hold, and his warmth made me feel at home. I was vulnerable, but he was strong and his company made me feel calm. I wish I could relive that night for it made me feel so loved and filled in the missing piece of a heart that was so used to being alone.  

Oh! How I knew he would have loved me in the most beautiful way, but I wasn't good enough for him and he lived so far away. I wish I could've put life on pause just to enjoy his company a little bit longer, but I only had that night to stare into his hazel eyes one last time.
Interesting how sometimes we don't even need words to communicate how we feel. Been editing this poem a lot and maybe one day I'll be able to officially let go of the poem and the person it is about.
  Jan 2016 anonymouswasawoman
They were perfect strangers
connected through words
not knowing the names
separated by worlds
helping each others find
the lost pieces of their souls !!
The journey has been long
And the trials seem to outdo the good
But I know that in this life
We weren't promised an easy road
and the unexpected struggles aren't ever understood
But when we are at our lowest point
That's when God will make his move
To prove that he loves us much more than we can know
He sees us through the good times,
And he sees us through our bad
Never will he leave us all alone....
So never give up trying...
Look further down the road
And you might just see him in the distance
Waiting to help you with your load
His love is never ending
His patience shall endure
And when all else fails around you
He is steadfast, He is sure
So do not turn from him,
But run to his open arms
His intentions are to love you always
And shelter you from harm
There's a place reserved for you
In his dwelling place
And I so long for you to be there
When you leave this earthly race
Yes Heaven is awaiting somewhere out there that's for sure
And giving all your heart to Jesus...
Will get you in the door.
Much poetry
May fade quickly
From memory.
Though there are such
That move us much,
Our souls do touch.

Catch us off guard
Or strike a chord,
Our hearts reward.
Some witty, wry
Some make us cry
Or wonder why.

Others inspire
Dreams and desire,
Ignite a fire.
Many appeal
for they are real,
They make us feel.

The truly great
They resonate.
"Poetry is to me
As leaves are to the tree"
He gave meaning to the poems I had read over and over again.
Meaning to the songs that had often been stuck in my head.
I finally understood why people loved falling in love.
Why people would rather stay awake than dream.
He changed my view of how love ought to be and reminded me that I was worth so much more than I had ever been able to see.
To my Ecuadorean lover. This is my thank you note.
When my existence ends,
Do not hold me to earth.
Bury me within the stars;
Return me to which I came from.
Let me shake hands with those
who watch over the night
and dance to a song
Unheard by the living ear.
Here I will find my soul.
Here I will join immortals.
A poem I wrote close to a year ago.
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