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Charlie Jun 2016
I want you to point at me and tell me that I'm the one you'll love forever and ever. I need you to kiss my lips and tell me how wonderful you think I am because after months of working on myself, I still won't believe it.

I want to tell you that you're the only boy that's been running through my mind since I've been across the country. I want you to wait for me, I want you to tell everyone that you have a girl waiting for you in a sunny state, a few thousand miles away. I adore you.
I love your laugh, your look, your glare, your anger, your body, your salt, your sweet, your kind, your fear, I can look at you from any angle, love. I swear it.
Charlie Jun 2016
I remember when I wanted to marry you.
I remember when I looked at you and only saw a feeling, just love.
I want to give you every cloud you see in your daddy's airplane, I want to give you every toddlers' wish when they blow out their birthday candles. I wanted to, but I couldn't even breathe on my own, and I want to, but that's no longer my job.
You're happy now, and I'm getting there. I'm so glad, I'm so ******* glad.
Charlie Jan 2016
i liked it that you kissed me once more than tyler did before you left.
i can't get you out of my head and to be frank, it's ******* me off.
i love something so wonderful inside you that it's become the only thing i see.
Charlie Nov 2015
i remember holding your hand in the hallway
and kissing your nose
and meeting your dad
and thinking we were going to be together forever
and that meant
to you

but if you came back, and said sorry, and asked
i would take you back in a ******* heartbeat
because i just love you
tyler james broke my ******* heart
and i'm still not ******* over it
Charlie Sep 2015
i stopped doing drugs because you were the only thing that made me high
now we're just fiction
your mouth is stained on my cheeks, still echoed with a sad goodbye
we're out with the garbage you so angrily tossed
and you're drinking wine
and i'm still lost
if you could talk to me, i would be so ******* happy because right now, you're seriously all i ******* want right now
Charlie Sep 2015
I wish that it was easier to say that I knew who you were at some point, but I don't now.
Does that **** me? I'm not sure, but I always find myself dreaming about your eyes and mouth and words spat with fire.
Charlie Sep 2015
there was something there, something in those eyes.
i think there was a spark, like my birthday candles, i licked my fingers and it extinguished in my index finger and thumb.
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