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"As I walked in a ocean, embracing the fastly moving waves hitting my knees like it had that much power, I noticed a two sea shells; A white one, and a grey one. I picked them up and eyed them. Then I picked up the white one carefully and listened. It had peaceful wind playing and As I picked up the darker one, My hand my stabbed slightly by a pointy hedge. Then the question came to mind. Heaven or Hell?~"
This never happened! :D
Charlie Apr 2015

she's something glorious
i'm something wild

****, I like her a whole lot
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
I should have been better
I should have saved you
I don't know what kind of friend I am
I'm sorry
This is the second time I've failed you
And the fourth time I've failed as a friend
my friends keep hurting themselves and it is all my fault and I just want them to be okay because I love them like sisters and it's so horrible and no one deserves the pain they have less than them
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
You know why I'm obsessed with makeup?
You know why I literally BREAK. DOWN. when I see myself in the mirror on one of those REALLY ugly days that I have?
You know why I seem f!cking vain and beauty obsessed and attention seeking because of how self-deprecating I am?
You know why I am currently crying...alone...on my bedroom floor...kind of pathetically?

Because now I'm a little bit scared
That maybe I DO have a disease of the mind
Maybe I DO have something in my head that isn't right
It just seems so impossible
Because I mean
I look in the mirror
And all I see is this hideous shameful beastly girl
So ugly
In fact, I genuinely feel terrible for the people who have to look at me
and I don't know why
I just don't see how anybody could ever possibly think that I am pretty
And for some reasons I'm crying right now
And I feel really alone
But no no no
There is no way I really have dysmorphia
Is there?

I feel embarrassed
Like I come across shallow
And stupid
And makeup obsessed
Because I can't ever see myself as pretty
not even decent
Not even reasonable
I just. see. UGLY.
and ashamed of my face,
And ashamed of my obsession
With cosmetics
Because it is like the only medicine they made
To fix this affliction
Makeup can make up for how ugly I am
maybe it can fix me
maybe I won't hate myself anymore
but it never does
and I hate crying alone!
I am currently crying. Alone...
yes, I know. Attention seeking *****. I just needed to express it somewhere and I figured HP wasn't a bad choice. I don't want to call someone because then I feel like an overdramatic burden.
F!ck everything.
Especially me.
Labyrinth Apr 2014
I stare at my face in the mirror,
Wondering, wondering, wondering,
Why do I have acne?

I eat the slice of double cheese pizza that's cooling in my hand,
Putting it down, I touch the underdeveloped pimples on my face,
Popping each one out of irritation,
I finish by drinking two can of coco cola after.
*Oh*, what a healthy life style I'm living!
Hints of sarcasm here and there. :>

— The End —