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Little Red Nov 2020
"I am worthy"

I am not a great teacher
Nobody says that
I can make a change
No one believes in me
Do not think that
I can make a difference
No matter what I do
No matter how much effort I put in
I help nobody
It is a lie that
I can do anything,
Because every single day I do my very best,
I am not going to lie to myself any longer,
None of my actions will be of great significance
I believe that
In the end
I am not worthy
I wrote this during teacher's day and I was kinda proud of it so here it is!

Note: When reading in reverse read the title :]]]]
Little Red Apr 2020
We abused her
We didn't heed her warnings,
Her screams
Despite everything the we have done
to her,
She still warned us,
Yet we did not listen
And we're paying the price
For our ignorance

When will we learn
That our actions have consequences?
Stay safe everyone
  Mar 2020 Little Red
Opportunities I lost
Only to get better ones later,

Fake friends I lost
Only to get real ones later,

Games I lost
Only to practice harder,

Time I lost
Only to know it's importance better,

Well, Everything I lost
Only to get something better.

~ S.G
15th March 2020
Little Red Mar 2020
The game we used to play
Every single day
Is now a memory of what it once was

There were three of us
Then two
And then me
Little Red Mar 2020
Your kindness is what inspires me

To keep moving on

And I'll always treasure the memories

That you have given me

Till the end of time
Thank you, and don't worry I know I'm on the right path thanks to your guidance
Little Red Feb 2020
Roses are Red
Blood is red
I saw a dead body
lying on the bed
The stench of Iron
Right in front of me
Smelled of beautiful ivory
Little Red Feb 2020
We are a kindled flame
From the day that we were born

Burning courage
Fuels of hopes and dreams

Speckles of optimism
Hearts of compassion

Minds of intelligence
and Creativity

Bodies of steel

Unbreakable willpower

We are a beacon of light

But as time goes on

That flame flickers

and dies

And then it takes over

A douse of doubt is all that it needs

Until it overcomes you

That is the power of fear

For it, nothing is unbreakable

That burning flame

will soon turn into a remnant of what it was

For even the brightest of lights
will cease to exist

But the embers that remain

will soon create another light

brighter than it was before

To continue its purpose

To continue the cycle

For that is the circle of life
Will cease to exist
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