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Baylee Kaye Nov 2019
I want to take it all away from you
every last ounce of discomfort, bring it to me
I will bear it on the back of my shoulders
never letting you see the way it weighs me down
if I could take it all tomorrow, if it were gone tomorrow, you wouldn’t have to worry again
I’d hold it without a hint of pain on my face
I would breathe for you, be the breath in your lungs, give you the strength you need for today
if I could take it all tomorrow, I would take it all away, I would put it on myself without hesitation
I’d take the soreness, the fatigue, and weakness
without a second guess, it would be gone tomorrow, you would feel no more pain tomorrow
Baylee Kaye Jul 2019
I want to feel desired
once again
I want that feeling of yearning
for my heart and my body
for it is not a crime that I crave your affection
your skin upon my own
something once given so openly
but now seemingly vanished
I want to hear “I want you”
and for me to know just what you mean
I’m patiently waiting for you
to come back to me
to desire me once more
I want you, and I want you to want me too
Baylee Kaye Jul 2019


words I crave to hear but never do
Baylee Kaye Jul 2019
all I know is that I love with a love that is different
giving all, taking none
yet sometimes everything feels a little twisted
I find myself selfishly needing the validation
the validation I usually on speak towards another
I crave the feeling of deep connection
on levels beyond the physical
please give the affirmation I silently scream for
don't you see that all my dependence stems from words I don't hear?
I nag at your mouth to try to understand the whispers
I hate that I need it but its all I've needed
a five minute, unstructured  free write
Baylee Kaye Jun 2019
you sing the language of my heart, o, songs so sweet, too lavish to name. it is true that pure and just souls are the only ones with ears to hear the melody sung by you. no other tainted, conceited heart is equipped to understand the tongue you speak. an ode of love so powerful that those that are wicked in nature condemn the song they choose by action not to hear. O, sweet and utter fools! my tender spirit breaks for the judgment they bestow on you,  for what do they know since they cannot hear the melody? their preconceived notion‘s are their faults and blindness, they are deaf to your song of love. and again I say what do they know? since they chose not to acquire the language of true and everlasting love. and it is to be said, those who do not hear are ignorant in love, and not by bliss, but by stupidity.
Baylee Kaye May 2019
you feel distant
but at the same time so close
a thousand miles away
and also nose to nose
my heart feels like it’s breaking
but also as if it smiles
the daytime feels like darkness
yet the darkness feels like light
Baylee Kaye May 2019
if you went away tomorrow
I hope you’d take my love away with you
as your body returned to the dust in which it came
I would pray your last thought would be my love
and when you closed your eyes, I hope you’d feel my lips
the kisses that translated a love I couldn’t speak

my mouth can never say all that you mean to me
my body can never show all the affection I feel
because I’m everything I am today because of you

inspired by ben platt
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