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Mimi Aug 2019
Only you know how I feel
Know what I’ve miss
Can’t you see you’re just  what I need
After all that we’ve been through

After all I’ve done for you
You should know my love for you is real
I am asking too much?
I’ve been waiting for too long

Don’t you know I’m on my knees
All I need is you
Mimi Feb 2019
Baby...I still love you so much... I don't know kung bakit sobra kitang gusto... I tried to do everything to forget you pero  wala eh,mahal pa din kita alam ko na di ka maniniwala sakin kasi di pa tayo nag me-meet in person di pa talaga natin kilala yong isa't-isa ...pero di ko alam bat sobra kitang mahal...

And I can't handle it anymore's killing me inside ... I don't want to let you go....I really don't want you to go...because I love you ...kung alam ko Lang na magiging ganito tayo ... di sana napigilan ko ung sarili ko para di mahulog sayo

I'm tired to pretend na ok lang di ako nasasaktan...alam mo kung may gamot Lang iinumin kona un...ayoko na...I'm really tired in this situation ...

Why!? Bakit sobrang mahal kita... my heart now is broken ...I don't know if i can still fix it,
Just tell me how can I forget you...
Don’t be sorry, I trusted you, My faults not yours.maybe I just love you too much...
Mimi Jan 2019
I miss those wonderful feelings
I really don't know if your gonna read this or not Baby..
Mimi Jan 2019
Di ko alam kung pano harapin ang bukas ng wala ka sa piling ko, pano ko isasanay ang sarili ko na wala kana at may iba kana.

Kung nasanay na ako na lagi ka nandyan kung ,mahirap tangapin,tangapin na may iba kana at wala na ako sa puso mo,pano ko sasabihin sa puso ko na tama na.

Kung Ikaw pa rin ang laman nito.Mahal na mahal parin kita ,sobrang sakit kahit gusto ko man sabihin sayo di mo din naman maiintindihan...
Mimi Jan 2019
I've miss you...
How you smile,how you talk to me
I miss everything about you
I miss your silly jokes to me

I miss those days... when we were still happy
Mimi Jan 2019
Di ko alam kung mababasa mo toh!,well feeling ko Hindi ,gusto ko Lang malaman mo na di ko ginusto ang nangyari... sorry kung may nasabi man  ako na di tugma sa nararamdaman ko.

Akala ko kaya ko mag isa,na ok lang ako kahit wala ka! Pero mali pala ako...di ko pala kaya pero anong magagawa ko kung ayaw mo na talaga.

Na ituloy ang  nasimulan natin, sobrang hirap ang sakit
I don't know why I cry when I wrote this letter to him maybe cause I still love him till now...
Mimi Jan 2019
Why I still love you?
Why to all the people  here in the earth
Why it is you...

Your the person that I thought the right one for me but unfortunately your not
But why I still love you and care for you even don't care about me anymore! Why?

I need to know the reason why!?
If I know that your not the right person for me I should control myself...
To not falling in love with you

I'm so tired of crying those eyes that you can't event see, Why? Did you make me fall in love with you and in the end your going to leave it's really hurt me a lot..

I still love you so much, but what can I do if you doesn't love me anymore ....
Just want you to know that I'm always here for you .

I'm trying to do all the things to forget you but still your here in my heart I don't know why I can't forget you maybe I love you so much that I can even sacrifice my life for you?!

Why it is not enough for you? I've miss you so much and I love you so much
I don't know the reason why I fall for you the only thing I know that I love you

And I'm happy to be with you
Your the reason why I smile everyday
Hope you can read this
Hi this is my first poem I just love to write poem btw I'm Ayeza new here hope you like it

— The End —