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Aetheria Jul 2016
you weave a sickly web
I was just a little fly
you beckoned me in and wrapped me up
and left me there to die
i know that you are blind
and truly so was I
your sticky threads were glistening
but they were just a lie
my body perished, but I've been reborn
and now I see you clear
small predator, you'll scuttle
when I'm the one to fear
you've a spool and cunning mind
and patience lasting years
but I've got eyes, a sharper mind,
and no more time for tears
smiling coyly, she said she was a victim of circumstance
Isabelle Apr 2016
Everybody is running
it is a race to the top
be careful with the cunning
and be ready for a flop

Because it is a race to the top
You'll be needing a strategy
either a friend or an enemy
that soon you will drop
because of jealousy

Some will pass you by
then stub you in the eye
Some will push you down
then will take your crown
Some will lend a hand
only to drop you and it's planned

The way to the summit
will never be facile
sure there are scummy
do not be fragile

That is the way to the top
Just play the game
clean and *****
it will never be fair
Another old poem of mine. It speaks reality.
Ysa Pa Apr 2016
You trustworthy fox
You sly paradox
Cunning enough to commit thievery
Stealing something that I couldn't even see

I willingly gave it without consent
Through an act that I thought was pretend
You've gotten what was hidden so secure
You've stolen what I consider a great treasure

You've attained what has never been procured
You've taken it, now you're my cynosure
You crafty and honest vulpine
You've easily swiped what was mine

You've gained something which I was unaware of
You've captured my heart and obtained my love
Stephen Shaw Jan 2016
Crow was watching  ......
......with his toothless grin .

Biding his time ......

...... he then stoops in .

He knows more than you may think ,

it all reeks of a ghastly stink .

No matter ! With your false truths ,

your lies betray you , So Uncouth !

So now ... When you are alone ,

be safe and wise ! Know the Unknown .

For crow is silent and cares not ,

Has his revenge already been Begot ?

Victims ! Aren't we all ?

Those Who rise sublimely ,

Only to find their fall .........
HelloPeople Jan 2016
Different books,
Different chapters,
Different protagonists,

Same world,
Same cast,
Same rival;

Can you turn the odds?
Would that rival be friendly,
Or would it be brutal?

Make up your mind, quick;
It's cunning,
It's deceiving,

It's time.
Hodgepodge of thoughts
Y Rada Oct 2015
Oh Daughter of mine hear my plea,
Surpass our challenge through beauty.
Use the mind to be the game's mistress,
Heart be bothered not of any distress.

Acquire grace, charm and wiles to catch,
A certain man of power is truly your match.
If he be made of steel melt it with kiss,
If born out of war then grant him peace.

Gentle as feather strong as diamond,
Bring him to his knees with every summon.
Bestow him joy and fresh breath of life,
And ease his encumbrance and strife.

Receive the gifts of different pleasures,
Which he brings in his cove of treasure.
Swallow your embarrassment and pride,
In this life we must sail with the tide.

Heed not to Aphrodite's words of passion,
Be guarded from the love arrow's invasion.
Color red for victory but grounded by black,
Loneliness is payment yet your smile is intact.
Marie Poindexter Oct 2015
My sweet, sweet girl,  how lovely
Once eager and full of life
What cracked the walls around you
And stole your inner light?

Please sweet girl! Please tell me!
What methods this monster used
How he consumed a soul so bright
So that I may do so too

Details! My girl,  more details!
Tell me more of this cunning beast
Tell me how it was he lured you in
Tell me how he laid his feast

Listen poor girl, just listen!
Wipe away your tears of woe
Tell the world of all my cunning
And perhaps I'll let you go...
Marie Poindexter Oct 2015
It's a skill that one must practice
A tool to wield with grace
It's a path paved for the cunning
Hidden by a pretty face

- You must learn to keep it simple
Don't add threads to growing web Don't pile on more fabrications
But add truth with it instead

- You must learn the ways of patience
Step back and let it build
Whisper words of sweet seduction  
Until agenda is fulfilled

- See,  ways of manipulation
Are obscure and gently made
Yet once you start you must dance on
In a lifelong masquerade
Dee Bach Apr 2015
You may have torn me apart
Undressed me
For all your pleasure
Sang me a lullaby
To get your way
You are a devil in disguise.
Spewing lies as a natural language
The language of deceitful, cunning lies

The hell you put inside of me
I want out
But you don’t have the key do you
I’m trapped within myself
So you’re not the devil are you?
But the devils help.
The only devil lives with me,
Everyday.  **And you don’t even know.
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