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Aetheria Jul 2016
you weave a sickly web
I was just a little fly
you beckoned me in and wrapped me up
and left me there to die
i know that you are blind
and truly so was I
your sticky threads were glistening
but they were just a lie
my body perished, but I've been reborn
and now I see you clear
small predator, you'll scuttle
when I'm the one to fear
you've a spool and cunning mind
and patience lasting years
but I've got eyes, a sharper mind,
and no more time for tears
Aetheria Jul 2015
I am water. And you a salt. You see me clear and crystal, flowing and deep. You dissolve yourself in me. I flow on, with you, indistinguishable, but for a slight haze and the weight you bear me. But I remain untethered; the day is inevitable that I distill myself from you, you, a granular residue, clear, crystal. Stationary. I float away to join the clouds, but never clearer, never lighter, my essence untarnished.
Aetheria Feb 2015
I bind to you like carbon,
but you are like the electron, neither here nor there...
The molecule never forms.
We fall back into our elemental essences--
This was not the first time; we have touched before,
but we are not like the building blocks of life clashing into one another until from lifelessness life springs.
No, we are like sagittal and transverse planes
At odds with one another's dimensional cues.
Yet our lines are bound to cross, as all dimensions intersect.
I get stuck in these corners we form,
but there are no corners in the Universe.
When I see this I am free of you
I pass through you like light through clear crystal,
suddenly aware of my dimension--
All the parallel fibers of timespace around me...
Together we travel into eternity.
Aetheria Aug 2014
I am Death.
You fear me for
I promote thee, be differently
I show what is beneath
Thy soul, unto another I bequeath
And for those who linger here
I come to diminish what thou holdest dear
See not what was that is no more
For each thing I take I leave a spore
Aetheria Jul 2014
Everything that was is on its way to dust
Like bones when we are gone
Our venues will remain
Shadows of life, of motion
Silent, halted.
And who to watch the dust settle?
But no one at all.

Everything that was is on its way to dust
Like a saintly veil
Dust goes where love was not
A reminder of neglect
Shadow of distraction
And who to watch the dust’s delicate descent?
But no one at all.

Everything that was is on its way to dust
Pantheons and pools, theaters and halls
Silent, empty.
And who to know the dust fell?
Who to reflect?
Except the shadows of the fallen
And no one at all.
Aetheria Dec 2013
I am an idea.
A mountain of thought, atop which
a peak glistens
afar, in the light
of the ever-rising, ever-setting sun
You would think I was royalty--
King of the Mountains
and a kingdom of rich valleys in my midst
But that is an idea,
and I, no more than that.
Realized, I am a river, running
from the King's lonely heart
Twisting away from him
Through and into distant lands, until
utter desolation.
Then, I am not.
For there, is naught.
Aetheria Jul 2013
In your world there are magnetic lines that draw your needle North. Polaris and the Great Bear guide you home from clear moonlit skies, so that you may stumble into your hearth at night. I was told that in my heart was a compass rose, with a needle like yours, pointed and true. But my directions are undifferentiated. Ursa hides behind dark clouds and the magnetosphere is interrupted by the fiercest of solar winds. The needle fights to find North caught in an endless loop. The way home is unknown. But somewhere I know you are waiting for me to arrive, for the storms to pass. You would wait a thousand years. And though my compass is broken, I am reaching out my arms to find my way through the brush. And someday I will find you.
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