Ben Jr Apr 15

Believe in this,
The blood in your veins,
And the heart inside your chest

Believe in this,
The dreams that feels small like a grain,
Believe and never let them rest,

No matter how much you fail,
Or how hard it is,
No matter what seems to be in your way,
You must believe in this,

That the world hasn't seen everything,
That there is a difference you make,
In your work, your hopes and dreams,
In every second you are awake,

Believe in this,
There is a place for you amongst the stars,
Believe in this,
Believe in who you are,

Ben Jr Apr 10

Tell mama,
I'll be alright,
I'll do my best,
Keep my eye on the prize,

Tell mama,
I'll never let go,
Even when no one is there,
I'll do it on my own,

Tell mama,
I still dream the dream,
I won't let anything
come in between,

Tell mama,
To be proud and happy as she can be,
Tell mama,
I still got some fight in me,

Ben Jr Apr 8

Love is ecstasy,
That feeling inside me,
Like THC,

Love is a beautiful heart break,
That text back,
After a one night stand,

Love is a free fall,
That late night good bye,
That makes you come back for more,

Love is a necessity,
The glowing Halo,
That made me,

 Apr 7 Ben
Pagan Paul 

If you happen to find a poet
hiding shyly beneath a stone.
Gently put him in your pocket
and carry him safely home.

Show him love and kindness,
take time to get to know him.
And if you smile so sweetly
he will gladly pen you a poem.

For if you hold his real value,
and recognise his true worth.
He'll look deep into your soul,
to give you the sun, moon and earth.

© Pagan Paul (05/04/17)

Some people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
Ben Jr Apr 7

Hello there,
This one is for you,
Something I'd like to share,
And let you know how much am thankful,

Thank you for how you care,
And how you always there,
As my best friend and someone I can count on,
Someone I can tell anything I know,

Thank you for being that person,
That picks me up when am broken,
Thank you for being all that you can be,
And for seeing even underneath my skin,

Thank you for giving me someone I look up to,
Yes. You are that to me too,
Thank you for being you,
And for sticking around even when my days are blue,

You're one of those people,
That are rare to find,
A gift for the soul,
A blessing to this man,

Thank you for listening when I talk,
You have no idea how hard that is,
Thank you for being a friend and more,
Besides all the trouble I cause,

Thank you for your words,
Thank you for the time,
To me, you are indeed gold,
And wouldn't trade you for the whole world,

Ben Jr Apr 6

Darling, I am alone,
Not lonely,
I chose to stay home,
And enjoy my own company,

I like the way it is,
And how it feels,
To have no strings,
Nor someone waiting for me,

I like to tune in whatever I like,
Without a worry of an extra pair of eyes,
Cook, drink and smoke,
And never worry of my heart ever being torn,

Darling, I chose to be free,
Because love always seems like a cage to me,
Talk to him but not that one,
Watch carefully for my tongue and lines,

I hate to disappoint,
Because I'm a mess in my head,
So instead of being pain to someone else,
I'd rather lay alone on my bed,

Darling, I understand what you say,
But life to me had always gone a different way,
So I'd rather have a million who won't be just for me,
Than someone absent when I need her there, to be,

Ben Jr Apr 5

She was a wonderful girl,
Had it all figured out,
And for herself,
The whole world,

She was madly in love,
Drunk, high and sex every night,
All went too fast and never stopped,
And slowly the world faded from her sight,

Til one day she woke up,
Found out she was pregnant,
Everything crumbled down in a drop,
Then in came, resentment,

It went from all spinning around,
To silence filled with statements,
She couldn't hold her ground,
And with a baby, struggled to pay rent,

Everything became tasteless,
With no one to even hug,
She started to be reckless,
And one day, turned to drugs,

Each day became harder than the last,
And nothing was enough to numb the pain,
Constantly haunted by the ghosts from her past,
Desperately wanting to get away,

See she wasn't a bad person,
Just needed a break,
Breathing became a frustration,
Because she became someone she hate,

With no one else to turn to,
She went her own way,
The world will never know the truth,
Of the struggles she faced everyday,

Wasn't long until she gave in,
She didn't want to fight anymore,
And just like that she ended it,
With a heart so torn,

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