Oct 2017 Ben Jr
Elrow Swift

Bring me to the edge
the water bubbling and deep
let me see the fear and drink from its cup
show me the shadows, let me hear their whispers and feel the chill of their touch
let me bask in the darkness, absorb the night and bathe in the light of the falling stars
give me the clouds, the ones that block the moon, and show me the monsters that hide in their shade
I will indeed drink deep from fear as the chilling rain rolls in
pouring, falling, falling, failing
crashing in steady cacophony
Am I brave yet?
Is courage embracing fear as a brother or withstanding its onslaught

No, I am not brave.  
I wanted darkness and I have it
It is not scary, it is lonely
and I am so
very scared
of being

  Aug 2017 Ben Jr

Dying just to tell you,
But I'm still fighting this inside.
Wanting to be near you,
All these days I've lied.
I knew it wasn't easy
But still I had to try
My only friend,
My heaven sent,
I need you by my side.

  Jul 2017 Ben Jr
Marisa Hope

Throw rocks at my window,
Hold the boom box up high.
Send me on scavenger hunts,
Make me search far and wide.
Let me be your favorite song,
A tune you can never get out of your head.
Recall your fondest memories,
Those of when we first met.
Take me out to ball games,
Introduce me to all your friends.
I want to be your now and forever,
I want the cheesy moments to last a lifetime.
Take me in now and never look back,
We can have a life we create out of whack.

  Jun 2017 Ben Jr
Robert J Howard

Call yourself a liar
Left arm on fire
Each take a turn
Watch them go burn.

Throw down the dice
Cut a big slice
The chest tightens up
Fill the deepest cup.

Break off a piece
Shell cracks to decease
All lost and trust
Red dead and rust.

  Jun 2017 Ben Jr
Mike Hauser

Why do we make excuses
For the times we get it wrong
Why can't we say I made a mistake
Then from that point move on

Is it that we all have swallowed
The poison pill of pride
Where we need to list our accomplishments
No matter how dark the lie

When did the pretending of perfection
Become the sea that we swim in
When did life's learning lessons
Get buried too deep to dig

When you make a mistake don't make your way
To the side of do no wrong
Tell the truth in all you do
And don't drag the excuses along

Ben Jr May 2017

I'm burning,
Yet i feel alive,
Consumed within,
These feelings that i have,

I'm drowning,
In the pool of your love,
Yet enjoying,
Every wave that comes,

I'm falling,
In this bottomless pit,
Yet I feel safe,
Because you are with me,

I'm burning,
And you are the flame in my mind,
To me its a blessing,
To even call you mine,

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