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Jeremiah Jul 2017
you told me to take a new approach
and let the hawk tighten it's grip around my throat
we are leftover vultures
and you have stolen our might

asinine beliefs
drug induced apathy
my apartment's scattered with make believe
an old sign of cindered sorrow

you left this place with weakened scars
and inferno tears to inform me of tomorrow
you held in your apology
like you had a stake in your foolish astrology

seldom a fond guide
and instead a heartless wretch
you manifested illusive love
and pulled the strings to tear us apart

common love
hunted us
common love
came for us
Jeremiah Jul 2017
she was who i loved
her heart was adored
she was the one that i showed
whatever could not be told

but when truth became hollowed
and reality was scheming
a ghost from above
drowned me in midnight

she prayed for the lights
and had thoughts about those she cared
and i couldn't believe
i was never there
Jeremiah Jul 2017
when skylights crush your lungs

your dearly beloved holds her tongue

you mutter stonehenge philosophies

but your failures come cascading

her light it escapes

but her body it decays

she spills her blood for you

but loving her wounds hurt you

the pain of being too late

while she is hung lifeless above you

you missed the target
dont let them go
Jeremiah Jul 2017
once again we broke the gate
clad iron bars strewn across my arms
they poke and **** and tear the skin
a misconstrued broken heart

slip across philosophy and slide across water
I drowned in hatred and took notice of my father
he holds figurines of bloodshot eyes and a cremated holist

he believes there is more to everything
with every shout there is a purpose
with every hit there is a purpose
with every display of humiliation shows a twisted purpose

18 years of shame
parents can be cruel

as they should.
Jeremiah Jul 2017
A slanted whisper
holds onto feeling for thoughts left sinister

we have reasons
we have concerns
give us reason
make us concerned

i'm tired of jumping off rails just to land on pointless stones

i crushed my bones and i'm left with no undertone

scream to the sky
scream for the idea
scream to feel helpless
scream for your lover
scream and tell the tale
scream for the end of hope

scream cause we all came close
a tribute to the end of the world

— The End —