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Ysa Pa Sep 2018
Without asking for it
I gave you the key
An item you never used
An item I gave willingly
To welcome you in
I swung the door open
Making home vulnerable to thieves
So much was lost and stolen
None of which were taken by you
But still you robbed me clean
In a way you didn't know
You didn't even step within
So, I changed the lock
Even added a chain
Finally closing the door
The stolen, replaced and regained
The house was safe and secure
And valuable once more
Everything was perfectly in order
Then, you came knocking at the door
Ysa Pa Sep 2018
We shared backstories, dreams and before long
You've shared your soul and favorite songs
Our fingers intertwined with sounds
Flashbacks with music all around
Listening now leaves a taste of marvel and panic
Leaving me mortified yet ecstatic
Sad songs declare how happy we once were
Happy songs serenade that I'll be happy once more
Only this time with your absence
Hoping to be unreminded of your presence
Dear stranger with overwhelming memories
How can untainted songs, untouched melodies
Newfound hymns and all the same
Still carry your scent and whisper your name
Ysa Pa Mar 2018
I've always wanted to kiss
A stranger, if ever I could.
But, I made a vow to myself
A promise that I never would
Turns out, I already did.
I kissed you.
A man;
Whom I thought I knew.
Ysa Pa Mar 2018
Chasing after images of the sun
Running after its rays and warmth
I paused and decided to gaze closely
To observe and bask at its fading beauty

Stare before the light disappeared
There was nothing else to be done
Than to observe till the heart's content
Savor every lasting unequaled moment

An attempt to capture and to remember
All the precious details and colors
To watch the departure of the fading sun
To look before you're completely gone
Ysa Pa Mar 2018
In a secret room
Hidden and dim
Where lights danced
Puffs of smoke beamed
With seas of strangers
Serving as your hideaway
In the next few hours
Welcomed but shouldn't stay
Petit glasses filled with liquid
Drafting stories, fake and real
Laughter louder than music
Emotions revealed and concealed
Floors with current
Walls with cyclones
Surrounded and crowded
But you're all alone
Where happy can be bought
Even if it's temporary
You can be you
Or whoever you want to be
Ysa Pa Feb 2018
Look, this wasn't what we intended
I know, I remember what you said
Sorry but my time's stuck at one forty three
Given it's my fault, you still can't blame me

Now that we're here I don't know
Afraid to risk losing what's not mine
Be still, in order to stay beside you
Never to speak of what's true

Or to sacrifice what we currently have
Selfish desires to call you mine
Dare to venture to the unknown
Every step with you or on my own

Kiss of beginnings or farewell
Right or wrong, the easiest choice is
Allow it to, un-pause the clock, help me
Make time fast forward to one fifty three
Made another version of this
Ysa Pa Feb 2018
Yes, it's my fault but you can't blame me
You made time stuck at one forty three

Mistake. I refuse to call it that
Accident, coincidence or destiny
Right or wrong, whatever it is, it's
Killing and maintaining my sanity

Either stay beside you, nothing more
Do I dare act to call you my own
Should I stay still and do nothing
Or sacrifice us and risk being alone

Not knowing what should I do
Break the barriers, venture to the unknown
Afraid to end without beginning
Now we're stuck with unspoken but shown

Games that turned to reality
Selfishly praying to the divine
I can keep you but not as my own, or
Lose you for wanting you to be mine

You need to help me, allow it to be
Yes, make it fast forward to one fifty three
I never inteded to love you
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