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Sage Feb 18
Sorry, Ben
It's definitely your fault
You don't know what your talking about at all
And shame those who disagree
You never cited a single ******* source
Never made a single descent point
Just say "Biology" over and over
Then deny you have caused these kids to die
Sorry, Ben
Your so ignorant it hurts
Sage Jul 2020
I don't care how I'm supposed to do this
There really shouldn't be a formula for creativity
Say what you want
Without limits
Sage May 2020
Everything seems so foreign
There is so much **** that I willing put myself through
It's just dawned on me that I have a self-destructive personality
When does it stop?
Does it stop?
Let this pain evaporate
Sage May 2020
What am I supposed to say?
You messed me up pretty badly
And now you want to talk again
I'm sorry, I just don't understand
Sage Apr 2020
She told me it was the right thing to do
I trust her
She wouldn't lie to me
She's the only one who understands me
She would never try to hurt me
I guess I will participate
She's so perfect
In my eyes
Sage Apr 2020
I'm terrified of what comes next
It could be a kiss from a goddess
Or the devil's *******
This is the end
Isn't it
Maybe I should give up
Or run away
I can feel myself slipping
Into a void of ****
Sage Apr 2020
I thought it couldn't happen
But it's slapping me in the face
The mirror and me
We just don't get along
It's just a reminder
That I'm not who I am
Whatever that means
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