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Anais Vionet Jul 2020
Are we really in complete, control of our heart?
What about natural selection?

True to its own necessities
its as inescapable as mica in marble
its influence uncoiling
throughout our everyday existence.

The emotional future decided by pheromones
by unconscious laws of pattern, form and complexity.
Decisions independent of what is fleeting and fashionable,
based on actions without social polish.

Natural selection in the age of lasers,
terrifying hierarchies of secret signals.
Layers of strangeness glinting and winking at us.
Chemical commands by tide of electrical impulse to warm the heart.

To end one love in favor of another.
The choosing of one heart over another,
as if, at my age, the situation demanded such sacrifice.
To refocus the heart like the skipping of a pebble
from one spot to another. Self inflicted sabotage.. dreadful gamble..
so many variables in romantic choice - some are even unconscious
Ylzm Apr 2019
A little cough, no worries, it will go away
More irritable next day, worrisome by third
Had better see a doc, but slept the last that night

Scattered world wide, by planeloads, unrevealed, unknown
Germinate in a week, spawn on breath, speech of death
Revived ancient bug, mutated, drug resistant.

Pandemics, long with us: Black Death was not the first
Now global rapid spread, global rapid response
Always ready, always surprised, always novel.

The fit didn’t survive, the survivors, the fittest
Catastrophic selection, months, not million years
Emptied earth, cleaned, reclaimed, to be fought for, again.
D Lowell Wilder Jun 2018
Sitting in a circle itchy patchy cross legged
hearing the feet passing the scratchy
the whoosh brush of almost hands
at our backs
Kid's games weird combination of wanting to be picked and NOT wanting to be picked.  Insidious nature of power.
Mane Omsy Oct 2017
They wanted more
For them to suffer
To believe
This isn't the world
You can live in

Spread words on them
For them to bow
To believe
This is the world
You could hope

He survived enough
For himself to strive
To believe
This is the only world
He could prosper
Please do not play with my innocent emotions
Please do not make me die before actual death
Love is nothing, a set of wrong or right notions
Please do not torture me just breath after breath

Love values demand to bear all torture and pain
But like a lover I do appreciate and understand
What is taste of pleasure and what is just disdain
My love has adopted your real color and brand

You **** me with a sharp weapon I do not mind
On every attack I feel pleasure and satisfaction
I can see you clearly even if I see you being blind
My love with your beauty is a perfect selection

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Dr Zik Apr 2016
What do you want?
Tears to regret!
Dew drops to soul refine!
Trevon Haywood Dec 2015
That's what they say, never trust any type of genius like that.
It's called the inheritance and selection.
And this is gonna be better than this and better than that.
Like we always do.
Because we are so smart, dark and lovely. We always have fun and a good time tonight.
No complaints, no exceptions and no warnings.
We always stay safe and we always stay warm. There's everything to do with the inheritance and selection.

Anonymous. 12/16/2015.
©2015 by Trevon S. Haywood.
Dr Zik Apr 2015
Love is to life
Hate is to death
I have to choose one of two
It's all about me
It's all over me
Sun A Hurt Jan 2015
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DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2014
Taking a new direction
I watched you burn
I turned from you
Natural selection exists even in love
Especially in love
In symbolism you were a dove
But doves are but mortal
They die,
And olive branches drop from their beaks as they cease to fly
Its funny.
I always wanted a piece of you but never knew why.
I think I knew I was too weak
So I would take a section of your heart when we parted ways
I still have it locked away to this day
In the most personal of safes
I think its why I still feel your kiss in the rain
It doesn't stop the pain
But it makes me feel again babe
So im giving you thanks
At your grave as you burn into pages
And on the paper youve become
Still as white as the dove you were
I draw you a map to the piece of your heart I took
Its in the spot of the piece of mine you still have
You just have to look
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