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Anya Sep 2020
With beauty herself draped in your word
Sounding the veins of any who heard
My heretic soul met heaven and god
All other air I knew became flawed
Anya Jul 2020
Why do you stay at the end of my gaze
That woman whom even gods praise
How does she spend her lonely days
When we each go our separate ways
Lady, so fair, all look with amaze
Who is mine alone, now and always
No words repeat
Anya Jul 2020
This smile no longer reaches my eyes
For it has become the perfect guise
Just as sly words can sharpen steel
One cunning grin will seal a deal
No word repeats
Anya Jul 2020
I will try to love as you
Walk in every shoe
Should we take an uphill road
Toss me a bag and share the load
No word repeats
Anya Jul 2020
I will welcome Hell with open arms
As any mother would
Greet each child at the door
No matter bad or good
Sing the deaf a lullaby
Paint sunsets for the blind
For no matter who they prayed to
They are all here left behind
Anya Jul 2020
Goodbye my sweet innocence
My hunger takes precedence
Anya Jun 2020
When they come
They  will mock and boast
But those with the last laugh
Will laugh  the most
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