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Anya Jul 8
Ferry man
For him we wait
To unknown lands
To every gate
Through every rill
That softly flows
And golden hill
Above he rows
Ask rest we may
To them beneath
Doth wait and pray
To leave our wreath
To seas and suns
Beneath the moon
Our friend has come
We see them soon
With salt and oars
They row us down
And to the doors
To let us drown
Anya Jun 27
King of Earth
To selfish sheep
   With whom he sinned and stirred
Forget his mirth
Of a writers keep
    And know his written word
Anya Jun 27
To dream of a day without
Any worry, trouble, or doubt
Of a shared home
      With or alone
To spend forever like stone
Not seeing the time or care at all
For sin so large or smile too small
This mad desire that I require
To satisfy my wishful ways
   With those distant selfish days
Anya Jun 19
“He always walked with sinners”
          They lie
“He never walked with saints”
    Ever turning to the sky
His righteousness not faint
    He had but one sin to his name
And one it had remained
    His sin of love for a sailor man
Though they saw it just the same
And with that sin they trialed him
     With murders and thieves
With no relief from sturdy gin
     But the restraint of iron keys
Anya May 14
A gift of violets for my hearth and home
Her love of gold as mine alone
Wherever she walks the sun is near
She speaks with voices few can hear
And it is her I wish to share my days
With silent merriment and arrogant ways
With gardens of youth and loving end
Depart with he of dark  descend
Magnolias bloom beneath his eyes
So happily this silent lover dies
Anya Apr 17
Its 6am and the anchor man tells

Of a tale to forget by dawn

The life of a young celebrity

This morning his ghost was gone

This beautiful man was everyone’s fan

But the villains are there by name

For he danced and he sang for them to enjoy

But all they would give him was blame

And while the widower made love in the dining room

After mother of two fell ill

He escaped by plane and alone in the rain

His friend had taken one more pill

Its 6am, two years gone by

He sat and watched the news

Then he got in his car and drove to the bar

To listen to the happiest blues

And while he drank his spirits sank

And rose again by gin

And a preacher came by with a prayer in his eye

And left with a parting ‘amen’

But no matter the song or prayer that he heard

His mind was somewhere to be

In distant fabled memories

Of times he used to be free
Anya Apr 5
Do you fall for the hearts of sickly men
Who forsake the words of every pen
Who do not care to seek and wonder
Yet still they fear the friendly thunder
And with the rain that brings the beast
We fear the taste of our deceased
Though every wind that sweeps us by
We sit and pray when serpents fly
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