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Anya Jan 2021
I wish to him, the ill balladeer
That gathered guilt may disappear
So too each ailment and woe

And to every jester, with his sack on a stick
Who flaunts his mischief and bare naked trick
Seeking to cause up a row

Walk to the ledge with your tattered torn clothes
Whilst faithfully clinging to your white thorny rose
Your token of freedom and right

Trot along with the bounce of your bell
To grant each child a merry brisk spell
Depriving their mind of blight

Do greet the wayward troubadour
That all prisoners hail and adore
While they sing from behind barred glass

Awaiting Fates fabled pardons
To leave and sing through floral gardens
Yearning for all troubles to pass

And should I meet this foolish traveler
I’d give him these gifts of lavender
And maybe he forget his woe

Forget his worry and days of mold
To rest in cities of glory and gold
The haven each child should know

He needn't pray to grow up whole
Or forced by life to raise his soul
But know of love without end

With the pleasing scent of this lavender jewel
Allay all fret from this traveling fool
Do comfort him as his friend
Anya Sep 2020
With beauty herself draped in your word
Sounding the veins of any who heard
My heretic soul met heaven and god
All other air I knew became flawed
Anya Aug 2020
Sounds of coarse disdain
This man stands on baseless words
believes himself tall
Anya Jul 2020
Why do you stay at the end of my gaze
That woman whom even gods praise
How does she spend her lonely days
When we each go our separate ways
Lady, so fair, all look with amaze
Who is mine alone, now and always
No words repeat
Anya Jul 2020
This smile no longer reaches my eyes
For it has become the perfect guise
Just as sly words can sharpen steel
One cunning grin will seal a deal
No word repeats
Anya Jul 2020
I will try to love as you
Walk in every shoe
Should we take an uphill road
Toss me a bag and share the load
No word repeats
Anya Jul 2020
I’ve been to an island of thieves
Where my only pleasure was the passing breeze

With a scenery to rival the Philippines
Full of faces you've seen in magazines

A tourist attraction for the dírty rich
Golconda haven to every snitch

I saw children on both sides of the bars
Limbs and organs at the bazaars

My strongest cage was the drugs in my water
While striped of my label as somebody’s daughter

I thank my buyers for dying with ease
One severed thumb became my keys

Borrowed the gun aimed at my throat
Smuggled myself in a smugglers boat

Though even after being carried away home
My thoughts and plots are no longer my own

Only seeing a persons weight in cash
Only craving food foraged from trash

When the world asks, what do I say?
What lecherous eyes are still looking my way?

Hideaway my branded bones
So government doesn’t see what it owns

Starve myself and my addiction
Until all my facts are no longer fiction

For I trust the guns more than the people
Like I trust the ground more than the steeple

I don’t care should they wear blue or white
For every dog can learn to bite

I have become wary of every eye
Of each camera lens and spy

For I’ve been to an island of thieves
And I pray that no one believes
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