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Amanda Sep 3
He is taking his chances
Wasted his life chasing a buzz
For years the only things that mattered
Were money, power and drugs

He kept running after the high
Gotten from clout and respect
Phone blowing up 24/7
Altered by success

And he can't imagine a life
Other than fast and fun
No matter how far he goes
The distance is never enough

So he falls and spirals down
To the bottom he heavily crashes
And he struggles to climb out of the hole
As his body crumbles like ashes
I seldom write it the third person but just felt like doing something different
aennij Jan 19
i have a lot to think about
like why are kettles stout?
many hesitations and doubt
perhaps I'm just doing this for clout
I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
Watch as my acts cause
The devil to go la la land in the moonlight
It would take a academy from the highest canopy to stop my villainy
So no mortal is killing me
What’s reality?
When all I am are fallacies on streams
Made up scenes that foster young dreams to be part of a bad boys piston team then join Tristan on a woods exhibition
Clout is your only mission

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
So many incisions even more pain
But at least beautiful is your name
Until the coroner labels you Jane doe
Those injections got you into sections but your just another selection amongst a sea others that needed better directions
Too late since in point four miles
The only light you will have will be your ten thousand dollar smile, so girl go wild as least for a while

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
With one finger I put lives in danger
Comments pierce through like lines in Othello, over some boy that said his favorite color was yellow
Or the young black girl that feels she second best when post say white women make black men stress less
Share more imagery that misinforms the masses continuously that lead to increased suicidal tendencies, even when you go political what they say is criminal

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
I’m a product of human ingenuity
A creation that has no immunity
So I go viral and spread without hesitation
Taking over nations Genghis Khan
with so many cons, it’s should feel familiar like the wrath of khan
I wasn’t always maniacal made to be viable now I’m connected to your pulse
More than vitals
So while you strive to become an American idol, arrive at the realization
That your just playing Simon says for
Nothing that comes with you when your dead

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
Lydeen Dec 2019

Go on, take a


Sadness? Anger? Anxiety? Melt,


Giggles bubbling in your throat.


To the

A Simillacrum Jun 2018
Even when you
express your thoughts
in a respectful way,
you'll find more
often than not,
you'll be told
you're wrong.

This is a tactic of those
hidden behind
status and clout.
They'll silence
your little voice
as they keep
right in your face
and shout.

You're entitled to yours
as they're entitled to theirs.
I want you to know, though,
those who refuse to let you speak,
have already decided inside
that you don't deserve autonomy.

Don't argue with the ill intended,

It's not your job to teach.
team Candy and Randy
bought the shop owner
their volumes of cash
sure had a massive

they've a money supply
which will not peter
it just keeps giving like
an endless water

this has allowed them
purchase in stock so
as their banknotes won't
ever completely run

how we'd so like having
wads of their stack's
to buy the seller's assets
that are on shelves of

— The End —