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Miguel Carmona Sep 2018
Since that door slammed
I been a ram
Running through *****
Like Todd Gurley
Rocking Hurley
And traveling worldly
Yet I still remember your giggle
When Cardi would wiggle
Next to offset like a fiddle
Being played but the riddle
Where Corey Smith came from?
I thought you liked ****** dark as ***
Ok I get it upgrade and get a six S
I’m going to the supreme alphabet like SZA
More like isosceles mess
But I still wish you best

I been in your dms
To see what you say
If I type “duck me?”
And you reply “Lick before you see
Miguel Carmona Sep 2018
Diabolical optical ron stoppable
At your ****** scene
Outlining my master scheme
Cause casket raising is a persuasion
Like Asians
No I rather tackle your brain
So me and CTE are kinda the same
I want to bend your sense of reality to insane
And have you drive your Ferrari into flames
Distorting your social norms
And dissolving consequence
Im like the purge but with more confidence
Run away, scream, or fight back
I like all the above
Cause without a outlet
I would need a plug

See thats the headlines media dimes
Oversize to prioritize what we should
Cannibalize in our social lives
Yet I get hate because I’m wise
This owl is putting who on a loop
Like who made bohemian grove?
Who is willie lynch?
Who runs the new slave trade?
Yeah I’m the two of spades
Cutting into your shady grin
Cause these political jokers
Are two faced like a double chin
But nobody sees there’s villainous
To spew venomous at
The innocent to make them descent
While gain they cents all for
There sinful lent
And you say I’m bent
Naw I’m the anti hero you need
Kinda like spawn if dark horse
Didn’t make him take a knee
So I don’t want glee or to live happily
Cause I love all the jeers and boos
I just wonder when Henrietta Lack cells
Will be in the news?
Miguel Carmona Aug 2018
Bullets with my coffee/Aks on the table/I don’t see a problem with me being cable/spray your house to get the smell out/cause human life I don’t care about/AR-15 with a scope/I use it even its joke/entry wounds for those who assume/that my methods are extreme/when guns are as American as the dream/from early days/guns were used to get land, milk and honey/so why y’all look funny/when I shoot a bunny/cause at the end it all equals money

Strict gun laws?/naw we need to bare arms/before the only thing left is bear arms/NRA said it best/guns don’t **** people **** people **** people/I take one step forward/guns don’t **** people it relaxes all evil/cause mental health isn’t pulling the trigger/it just says go bigger/ so I need my assault riffles and extended mags/why not/it’s not like I put it in a bag/then carry out plan all because people don’t understand/then get on a stand/just to say I’m not your man/while y’all make a movement and shout/no body cares/because lobbyists have the most clout
Miguel Carmona Aug 2018
Hallway filled with shoves
With teachers that only shrug
Like they can’t see me
being treated as a bug
Verbally I’m pelted with insecurities
Despite my maturity through the obscurity
My eyes closed are the only time I feel purity
Insert my dream state
While I control my fate
Pain starts to decimate
While my imagination starts to escape
The pink clouds appear
With blue colored grass near
Unless I kept my eyes closed
I don’t know if I can keep up this
Happy masquerade pose

Fat *** to twig
No matter if I wear a wig
I’m still a bullies guinea pig
Used for your amusement
While cuts on my thighs become rent
That I pay so I can feel repent
From the words you invent
My world goes dark
So reality goes in park
Flying around like I’m stark
My image isn’t a dart board
That makes me bored so I dart
Because not feeling is how it starts
Maybe my life needs to depart
So people can get my art

He was my knight in shining armor
To bad he a violent farmer
Pruning my leaves he such a charmer
Let the night go on
I made be a ding ****
Cause my bell stay rung
But with no sight in my life
I can finally grab that colorful new knife
Head upstairs and get close to him
As his beautiful wife then slowly
Slice open his throat like wildlife
Now my fantasy has taken hold
With my four year old walking in as if wearing a blindfold
I rise up from the head of the household
To my child so cold, I wish I controlled
How this story unfold
Miguel Carmona Aug 2018
The best kind of woman
Is one that be showing
Daisy dukes with cornbread feed
Thighs and hips that cosine
That my hypotenuse can fit
Between an *** built like a sign
That’s because your a prime number
You have grit like a sailor
With so much flavor
Is no wonder your grandma has high favor
Nothing small on you
The word thick couldn’t hold it together
On how your sway
doesn’t change the weather
Eat like nobody’s watching
And can shoot three
Man being from South Carolina
Has really spoiled me

You have venom in your bite
And claws to boot
I love your fight
But at times we need a truce
Cause even with your caboose
I might end up on a noose
Or five rounds to the back
All over me being black
But you still run the track
You say you making changes
And that you like all people
Then why is there so much upheaval
When I call you evil
Slavery and inhumane started the trend
Then along came lynches and rapes
Now it’s just your black *** is out too late
The attracts a funeral date
Who would think?
That the Bible Belt don’t make you a

Sunday dinner and lighting bugs
Excuse my Georgian
But that’s the dialect to earn respect
Without pulling a check
Church is mandatory
Like sugar in your tea
So don’t dare tell her
to be in the house by three
Unless yellow blankets
the ground like the sea
With humidity clinging to your skin
The devil playing the violin
Man summer is here again
Don’t except the sun to end
My fish fry on Sunday at church
To Monday pollen lingering like lurch
On Tuesday the honey suckles might bloom
Then on Wednesday we might **** on them all until Thursday when we fall cause Friday is here y’all so hit the mall
Since on Saturday kickbacks and house parties won’t delay
This is why the south is the most dangerous place to play
Miguel Carmona Aug 2018
I love a two piece
Like the next guy
But why is that her only
Ally to access the most high
I can remember cups sizes
And types of lingerie
But the real secret
Is why I can’t turn on my radio
Without hearing *** everyday?
I mean gardening is cool
But **** use another tool
Shake this
Shake that
Get on your on knees
And bend that back
Now just imagine
That one day she gone be a mom flashback
With kids like you
However if she ain’t ******* ****
Then you kick her out
How true

***** on Nikki
******* on Remi
Why can’t some of them be skinny?
Cause long hair and no tummy
Is the best game gin rummy
Fill your **** with cement and more
Don’t forget silicon will open the door
Then a ig model life is in store
Too bad you won’t make it past
Without being called a *****
But they don’t see the cuts on your thighs
The finger in your throat
All because the world takes it as a joke
But for you their love and attention
Is all you wishing?cause ****** never listen
I’m not dissing I’m stating facts
Our queens are dieing
But not because of Macs
Or for stacks
Simple put no man loved her drawbacks
Or insecurities
So to her plastic surgery
Was the cure for these
Just know I love you all
For your cellulite
And Tiger strips
I cherish your original prototype
Miguel Carmona Aug 2018
The crackle from the chicken fry
Makes me want to spy
Where my momma lies
Knowing that dinner isn’t to far behind
She a athlete with the stove
Multitasking while I drove her insane
She always exclaimed how my laughter
Could help more than her pastor
To bad she was married to a raptor
He come home stumbling and fumbling
Ready to pick a fight
Then slap us both
Because the Knicks didn’t win tonight
Her screams filled my ears
And his aggression haunted my dreams
I know I created my life
But he was instrumental to the scheme

By twelve I had too cook on my own
Mom worked three jobs
So I stayed home alone
Sides were my speciality
So rice and potatoes became a formality
Light with salt but heavy on herbs
Put it on medium high so they are superb
Cheap but filling cause I got to go
This light bill won’t get paid
Unless I’m on the street of Chicago
Flipping packs like I’m Kodak
So I never miss a beat
Make thousands a week
So I got to watch what I eat
Cause the cops stay outside
With a crowd of eyes
In a circle that supplies
Info that leads to my demise

Had to move down south
Since the snakes came out
Trapping with the best
That’s what makes me feel blessed
Sugar laced tea with a lemon accent
Every sip I take
Lowers my descent into torment
Too bad my grass wasn’t green
So when I walked out
It was a Boyz n the Hood scene
Loss Ricky yesterday
Then Tre left anyway
So ice I had no choice but to melt
Without help he had to save himself
So no surprise when cops arrived
Charges that could fill a Bible
That’s why I knew that jail was coming
Like mail just subtract the snail

Let the days begin to end
As the trail leads to a government win
Another bad guy locked away
While the real criminals continue to play
So my sentence gets raised
By decades but I’m not amazed
Hood kingpins get killed
While political eels continue to  
Slither and steal
But my appeal is denied
So my life flashes on by
With death ready to say goodbye
I remember very little
My mind the size of a skittle
The only thing that makes me rise
Is the last thought
Of how my mother’s chicken
Keeps me alive
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