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I’m so hasbro makes you
Elated to see me belated to the TV
Cause when I come out
You jump like Geronimo
Head to toe until I need
Some double As just to go
Left out to dry  
Then the next bereft post-adolescent
Who acts prepubescent to the crime so it’s just petty theft
Cause I’m back before 3, dropped off
Carefully but unsuccessfully fixed
Played with so much that regrettably
My Hue isn’t brisk
However that doesn’t stop the next
Wavering wrist that sees me as the Catalyst To there fantasy
I’m such a satirist just mimic what they do
An antagonist to myself
spilt In the middle McAvoy
Nightfall brings arms and legs missing
Doesn’t stop your mission
No matter the position
I’m forced to listen
Simplistic with you movements yet I’m congruent so you don’t feel the intent
That I wish you used me more then just to
Pitch a tent
Gears that squeak, cracks and scuffs that peek through plastic, paint bubbling on side chipping on the other, unique I am no longer
Until you ponder to pick me up, it’s midnight a light flicks on
You wipe the borders of my dull frame
Apply a new coat of paint
With a somber look
As this routine isn’t green but gray
More common then prayers on Sunday
Attach new limbs, you place me on a tray
To let the repairs stick, how I long for this moment every day.
Once back in optimum shape,
I can’t opt to miss
Thanking you from making me prime
So I become an auto thot for you
One more time
Whatever is on you pallet
hammer it out
I’m not against being a mallet
Cause you know I’m already
Your first round ballot
Once our matinee ends before dawn
Your out like there’s a package on the lawn
I wish I could just see you yawn
Too bad because it’s 12
Time for my first black swan
Defied gravity,changed the game’s formalities and all you have to say is mentality. For the lord of the rings mastery to appear images of 81, a man who shots ended so many suns and trailblazers. Your impact was nothing short of a Big Bang crater, a creator to so many future hoop legends that’s why I’m writing “Dear heaven” cause he did more for us than any lakers possession. A father even in the end, I salute as your jersey ascends there will never be another bean Bryant again.
Your ***** finally in the discussion of being an accent to beauty but who gets the cents from all that call to action
It’s not a sister who car is dashing
I’m not bashing but just like Sebastian
Constant comic relief without any green leaf, so why isn’t Franklin the one saying “Good grief”?

The same way they didn’t see robbery when they thought to elect Vivian over Celie, constantly a side note though  our words stay in the quote forever the black knight stuck at the mot, yet I can’t blame a invisible hand, cause it’s my own brothers keeper who would sell my own hand for a couple of bands, it’s framed as integration more like selected representation, still light versus dark creates a fraction that leads to more distraction influenced by our own reactions, quick to cop Italian, German, London and French designers even though they were the main colonizers but were so “woke” it’s all ok if rappers are the buyers so who’s the real lier?

Black business is labeled with asterisks cause we shop like we’re at risk, price tags look different when written by a black wrist, so ingrained that we continue to persist with a system that makes me feel we stuck in the mist, it should be king novel cowritten by Willie Lynch, real or not his words are the tapestry that still affect our reality, but to you another young black casualty,  

Black Lives Matter was removed from main stream chatter like a infection in Americas bladder, me too seems burked not the whole collection just the women in colored section, from trafficking, continued police murders that are baffling, cultural appropriation that reigns supreme so put on your little black dress with your favorite song, From cover to conclusion racial inclusion is just a westworld delusion
I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
Watch as my acts cause
The devil to go la la land in the moonlight
It would take a academy from the highest canopy to stop my villainy
So no mortal is killing me
What’s reality?
When all I am are fallacies on streams
Made up scenes that foster young dreams to be part of a bad boys piston team then join Tristan on a woods exhibition
Clout is your only mission

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
So many incisions even more pain
But at least beautiful is your name
Until the coroner labels you Jane doe
Those injections got you into sections but your just another selection amongst a sea others that needed better directions
Too late since in point four miles
The only light you will have will be your ten thousand dollar smile, so girl go wild as least for a while

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
With one finger I put lives in danger
Comments pierce through like lines in Othello, over some boy that said his favorite color was yellow
Or the young black girl that feels she second best when post say white women make black men stress less
Share more imagery that misinforms the masses continuously that lead to increased suicidal tendencies, even when you go political what they say is criminal

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
I’m a product of human ingenuity
A creation that has no immunity
So I go viral and spread without hesitation
Taking over nations Genghis Khan
with so many cons, it’s should feel familiar like the wrath of khan
I wasn’t always maniacal made to be viable now I’m connected to your pulse
More than vitals
So while you strive to become an American idol, arrive at the realization
That your just playing Simon says for
Nothing that comes with you when your dead

I have become death
Destroyer of worlds
Women rights are a issue
But when I read its never on the cover
About our lil queens being stolen
Or the young black moms that
Get no relief so they triple that 9-5
Because when has the world looked
Through their eyes
Viewed as symbol for pleasure
A thimble for being clever
Then receive a cleaver if you try to be a quarterback instead of a receiver
She use to be strong enough to cover me
When the devil peeked a view
In the summer
Now she a walker numb to her pain
Like a wife who plays dumb to drunk dialing and lols
Knowing none of those calls or text went to her cell
Shes on fire from his smoke
Blowing out ignorance her intake
deliverance from hades that
Plagues her from the Amazon to the Euphrates
But he rather talk Zion being a potential phenom
Instead of air quality becoming a dichotomy between lobbyists and kids playing without a health risk
He tears what holds your beauty together
Every article tossed aside
Headline reads destruction
But he rewords and calls it “needed construction”
When improvements are made its only in his favor while you keep him safe like a good neighbor
You are losing your cool, temperament
Rising but it isn’t surprising the sentiment
He provides resides undisclosed
Since your only valuable without clothes
So your mouth stays closed
No man is different from China, USA, and Iran
Your health can melt over there wealth or at least thats how they all portrayed
Since your the only one for him but he acts like he can draft another Trae
So you just let him be young and
dumb but the path ahead won’t leave either numb
Since that door slammed
I been a ram
Running through *****
Like Todd Gurley
Rocking Hurley
And traveling worldly
Yet I still remember your giggle
When Cardi would wiggle
Next to offset like a fiddle
Being played but the riddle
Where Corey Smith came from?
I thought you liked ****** dark as ***
Ok I get it upgrade and get a six S
I’m going to the supreme alphabet like SZA
More like isosceles mess
But I still wish you best

I been in your dms
To see what you say
If I type “duck me?”
And you reply “Lick before you see
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