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Clive Blake May 2021
The Cornish shore …
Where golden sand lies next
To dappled grey granite rock,
Where the sea breeze sweeps
And the mussels flock,
Where the rock pools gather
And the small ***** patrol,
Where the white foam curls
And the breakers roll,
Where the sea birds call
And the salt spray stings,
Where the seaweed sunbathes
And the limpet clings,
Where a stream’s course meanders,
And reflects the azure sky,
Where a starfish gazes skywards
And white clouds go scudding by.

By all means take treasured memories,
But please take nothing more,
And leave nothing but your footprints
On this sacred Cornish shore …
Cornwall is my homeland and l lies on the South Western most tip of the UK and is largely surrounded by the sea and its beautiful coastline.  Anything which comes from Cornwall, including its people, is/are described as Cornish. Cornish.  Cornwall is 'Kernow' in the Cornish language.
Lane O Aug 2020
Sea oats rustling
As salty gales drive ashore
Forever dancing
Sandman Jan 2018
I am driving along the coastline of my mind.
Sunshine swingin over my head.
Blue light pooring out of my heart.
Waves dance putting me into a trance.

I've been dreaming of you in another world.
I am traveling down the valley in the middle of my mind.
I look out the window while your silhouette remains silent.
Memories splatered all over the road.
Fragments of you glitter in the oblivion of my mind.
Liam C Calhoun Nov 2015
Had a dream that
Bob De Niro
Stole a car.
We cruised the
It ended in L.A.
It ended abruptly.
Would have a
Field day.
Simply smile with
The sunrise.
Didn't want to wake up; thought we'd maybe rob a truck or something.
Jacob Traver May 2014
The coastline I walk, I walk not alone.
Solitary strolls, I do not condone.
I'd rather walk, hand in hand,
With you my love, upon the sand.

The pier we see reaching out
Into the ocean, gives no doubt
Of our love's walk off into the sea
Where we drown in the depths of our eternity.

Let not the waves disrupt our affection.
Wake in the comfort of our perfection.
Though gulls will call and sandcastles fall,
You will remain my all in all.
Day 3 - To You

— The End —