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Emily Apr 2019
To you, who will clean, this room to a sheen,
I thank you right now, to you, I do bow,
With deep appreciation and this versification.

May you clean with great glee, making others carefree.
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
Why can't the house
clean its self?
It seems to get *****
by its self!
I am not a big fan of cleaning...
H E L E N A Feb 2019
It's certainly not a fond habit of mine,
But there comes an inevitable time
To redefine the value of every borderline.

Pick apart the pretty pieces
And unfold all their concealing creases;

Can the paling be restored with mere polish?

Our decorous veneer has run dry,
So I'll bid you one final frivolous goodbye.

Albeit I must sincerely confess:
They were never the best,
Ergo it hurt less.
halfmoonprincess Dec 2018
I have retired,
long ago, from my duties
my wonderful job
That has made me millions.

You best think twice
before your arrogance rolls
from the tip of your tongue.
Know, when you undermine me
Next to others among,
That I have made millions.

I’ve fed mouths
Raised beautiful souls,
Scrubbed till my skin cracked,
Squatted till my bones ached,
Cooked art till my heart was content but,
I have no right to complain
I never look back on my life with shame,
because I have made millions.

I arose at the glint of the sunrise
Filled my ears with the bellowing
Of vendors and their creaking carts
Sacrificed my sleep
To sustain my job
because my efforts are worth millions.  

I was dedicated,
Worked hard for my family,
my tendrils of hair askew
I continued my work
Masked my emotions,
Even when I was feeling blue
all because I was too busy making millions.

I kept my “office” ***** and span
Invented my own tips and tricks
since I was passionate
about making millions.

I wonder if you think I am worthless but
I simply sit back and smile because
I tell myself
I was a queen in my line of work
I didn’t just make beds,
I made wonderful souls
It never required money
I never had to get paid  

The thin wrinkles on my hand
Remind me that
I am more than satisfied,

Because I know
I’ve made millions.
Poem I wrote for my English final this year... I wrote this on my grandmother.
Max Dec 2018
Even your
Brain needs
Cleaning once in a
Because the bad memories will
Always shine,
While the best are left in
But sometimes
My vacuum cleaner
Breaks down.
More like a draft than a poem..
Lydia Sep 2018
Yesterday I came home mad
I had the house to myself
so I went to my room
and packed a bowl
I decided to clean the bathroom
because for me,
cleaning is therapeutic
I took a hit and then scrubbed the sink
I took a hit then cleaned the toilet
I took a hit and then cleaned the mirrors
I took a hit and scrubbed the bathtub
I took a hit and swept the floors
the bathroom I stood in smelled like bleach
I felt better
burning and bleaching the days gunk away
Anya Sep 2018
Lips pursed
Blatant irritation
Eyes flickering, like little fireflies
Shining a spot light
On every little piece of dust
Remotely out of place
In my room
Robin Lemmen Sep 2018
Untangle my body from yours
                        Step number one
Untangle my gaze to stop from speaking volumes
                        Step number two
Untangle my dreams from reality with you
                        Step number three
Untangle my definition of happiness from your presence
                        Step number four
Untangle the future from possibilities containing us
                        Step number five
Untangle my person from yours
Philip V Jul 2018
When the sun sets a few hours later
When your garden blossoms in sun
That's when you know
The season of loss has finally come

Prolonged by the body's resistance
Sunglasses slide and prove tears
You lost someone during winterfall
Now spring-cleaning throws you out
To newborn raincrumbs

In theory,
spring is but a transition between snow and beach
A deprecated definition without any shade
For us romantics, it was never so vague
But a cool-aired love story
That ended in May

I can't tell you I loved you, or that it was important in my life
I was broken and sentenced to leave before April was done
But two years later, I find myself in a state of certainty
Spring is here
And it's wiped me dry
Thank you for reading.
J Apr 2018
Hip hip hurray!
It’s cleaning day!

I get to poke and **** and pull
While you ignore me like I’m a fool;
Threats of no tv and no iPad
Fall on deaf ears - and just make ME sad.
You’ve figured out it’s all a bluff
That if you wait I’ll put away your stuff.
But what am I supposed to do?
Leave this gigantor mess - and let anger brew?
Honestly - what is wrong with you?
Do you think that we live in a zoo?
What consequence can I perhaps muster
That you shall see as more than bluster?
I simply can’t abide this loathesome mess
And how you can - I sure can’t guess!


After exhausting every parental cliche
And barely surviving cleaning day
I think it’s time; this must be said -
For us to consider hiring a maid!
When neither carrot nor stick motivates but things need to get done, what do you do?
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