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Nat Lipstadt Oct 2019
an au revoir here penned,
man on a cliff doing a spring, fall over cleaning

a few rusty drafts still needy for completely
but you know times up when tide rushing out
and on your leg is a big red rash that wasn’t there
when you waded in a few minutes earlier

tastes changes, like seasonal entrees on a restaurant menu,
seasons come and go, reappearing, but last years dish,
out of style, except for the occasional recalling

the body and the work must together concert,
poetry like a lifetime of lovers, you leave them behind
for loving them too well, using up the verses left inside,
then comes the time when love dries up and the words concomitant

the nighttime scraps will still be kept in that sewing box,
that storage space rented on a 99 year lease
but now for my eyes lonely only, this nub is stubbed,
this last one, at last, succinct

au revoir mes amis
Liz Alvarez Aug 2019
I had to learn eventually
Someone else makes you smile
Someone else occupies your mind
Someone else holds you up
I have to realize what we had was literally nothing
Compared to her now
I hope that smile is permenant till your last days here
Wrinkly, old, wise and jubilant
Warm in your bed
Nothing but best wishes truly

-from the girl you called your wonderwall to maybe your unicorn to now no one
Au revoir
Ill doubt he will ever see this, let alone know im on here since he is too, but I sure do hope but good luck and thank you for giving me your precioys time. With someone and alone, I always thought of you. Will always, till my next lifetime.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Remember Me.

Lay me down on a bed of roses,
For my heart has ceased to beat.
My mind shall no longer wander to and fro,
For I must go to my eternal sleep.

If I succeeded in anything,
Then praise the Heaven’s above.
For I was just a mortal man,
In search of his true love.

If I triumphed and barriers overcame,
Then speak of me with pride, for I was just another name.
Another one who died and if I managed to affect your heart,
In the years you had known me;
Then cry for me as I depart,
But never weep because without me you are lonely.
For I am with you, always my friend,
So say see you later, not goodbye at the end.

For it is only a matter of time,
Before we meet again
And then once again you shall have me.
So fight your way through all the pain.

Escape from mourning and live life free,
For every night a hero must fall
And tonight my love, I was chosen to be,
Taken to a higher plateau, way above this world;
To rest in peace, alongside God.

In Heaven I shall wait for you
And once again we shall be reunited.
For love conquers any distance,
That life and death may hold between us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Let me sleep under the burning moonbeam
I want you to be the last I see
Before I close my dead tired eyes
Let me close my EYES
Let me sleep
Put a bullet straight through my head
Toss me on top of the bed
In the land of Bedfordshire
I rest my tired bones
Bones that caressed you
Loved you
Cared for you

Are you still capable of the love you once shown?
Let me drink a cup of ***
Just ONE
One more ***
Let me smoke the weeds
The witness to your ***** deeds
Your mouth, full o lies

Your skin, stone cold
Cold and numb
**** this cruel world
How can one be ever that dumb?
To love you like this
And torture me to grits I cannot endure
That's all I could say
Darling, I wish I'd stay
But I want to go home now
So please let me sleep
Before you let me drown
Umang K Mar 2015
Of wooden homes
And thistle bushes,
And flowers the colour of
Almost spring, and
Releasing crystals
With every blink;
Descending tufts
Of white littleness
Against skin

— The End —