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AM Apr 2019
i moved it
into a box
under my bed
sealed with more
layers of sellotape
than my mum’s
birthday presents

it’s not exactly
spring cleaning
and i still sleep
on top of these
dusty memories
but it’s okay;

i’ve forgotten what
was in there anyway
AM Apr 2019
let’s stop for a while
and find shapes in the clouds
feel the breeze on our skin
and take in the sounds

let’s take a moment
in the cool april air
forget about our problems
and last night’s affairs

can i just have this
return to nature’s call
because darling, i’m lost
and need somewhere to fall
AM Apr 2019
you never truly leave me,
you’re stuck in my sheets
and the clothes I wear
deep in my bones
entwined with my hair
lingering in my room
like ghosts of our pasts
a solemn reminder
that everything lasts

— The End —