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Meat Stevens Jan 2020
I was recently complimented
by a bowl of Whole Foods clam chowder
so I thanked it.
You’re not so bad yourself, Whole Foods clam chowder!
Truly, I enjoy you very much.
hazem al jaber Nov 2018
Could i clam down ...

how could i silence my pains ...
how could i clam my huge feelings ...
how could i forget whom i love ...
while i live my life within her face ...

how could ...
how could ...
never i bear ...
while her face ...
her beautiful vision ...
always between my eyes ...

O lady mine ...
please answer me ..
could i **** this love ...
this love which i lived ...
so long years ...

please answer me ...
tell me ...
could i forget ...
could i silence pains ...
could i clam down my feelings ...
while i'm still living this love ...
only within you ...

but i'm sure sweetheart ...
that i never could ...
forget you ...

never ...
never to do ...

hazem al ...
Audrey G Nov 2017
Eyes as blue as pure water
Fur as white as a snowflake
Smile as pretty as spring
Light as the wind

But caring as a mom,
Playful as a child
Curious as one can be
Unique like no other

Calm as the sea,
Mysterious as the new day
No one knows her name
Is a legend, just like her
Poetic T Sep 2017
Never could they gently part,
always forcefully, but the gentle
touch was needed you would find.

It was the gem sitting in-between,
soft, delicately waiting for the touch.
But for some it was to hard to locate.

Precious was the this gem between,
for those who could feel its moistness
knew they had found the jewel in-between.
Antino Art Aug 2017
On rainy days
I look up poems set in Seattle,
then look back at the rain set against the window

I imagine the water was carried here
from the shores of their bay
across Pike Place, through Belltown,
in buckets they use
to carry Pacific salmon off fishing boats,
or in lidded Styrofoam bowls used
to take out clam chowder

I practice walking from parking lot to book store
without the aid of an umbrella
like how their locals do, somehow cool
with getting wet,
unhurried as they sip their coffees black

I renounce sugar packets and follow suit:
bitter coffee, rain,
toasting to this combination forged on their puddled streets
that see more poets per square mile
than anywhere else in the country

Magicians can have Vegas, its illusions
Asians, San Francisco and its gold bridge

I think I should just have this coffee,
and this rainy day
as the poem it is.
Mane Omsy Jul 2017
There was many ways to say sorry
But you didn't
You looked at me like I was so lost
But I'm not
At least for now
It's something natural
You wouldn't know
You aren't familiar with melted hearts
You were busy paving your way up
I can't believe I'm still mentioning you
Just to get over you
I wish I'd have another chance
For at least
I could try to purify your blood
I'd try if you'd come back my love.
Loreana Jun 2016
When I try to feel the beauty of nature,
I feel so calm and relaxed,
Coz it has the power to quiet our minds, renew our souls and heal our hearts...
Sorry frnds!!!
I am adding nature again...
coz it got deleted by mistake....
ryn Nov 2015

•i hold nothing but
secrets inside•i shan't disclose, i shan't
be vulnerable•into my humble recluse, i quiver and
hide•the world isn't ready to receive my bits and mor-
sels•come such time, i'd be willing to share•i'd bare
myself for all to see•if you say that you truly do
care•then it's best if you leave me be•for now,
don't pick on my sores•being eaten slowly
from within my gut•please don't...
don't pry anymore•save your
breath, my shells are

Concrete Poem 3 of 30

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Brian Fahey Jul 2015
There once was a pond off the Astrillian shore,
Where a billion clams lay underwater, they snored,
Day after day, tides change to tides,
Yet the life of a clam is still quite a bore.

Until one day an otter, all spryly and nimble,
A prince from the infamous pool down the thimble,
Crossed the old straight with his men through mud and through wimble.

Valiantly striding his conquest was simple,
Representing his people in search of a love life to kindle.
He was quirky, and boisterous, and hard to ignore,

Splashing and thrashing about the good peoples shore,
A good lookin' pup, he swam round in circles,
Converting the Astrillian Algaeans to Murkles.

The clams weren't slow to catch on to the show,
For clams are very attentive you know,
And soon by council & seminar they mouth-fulled their garbles,

"Who yonder this monkey that endlessly wharbles?"
"Are you daft kind sirs?" asks one clam as she snarbles,
"It seems you old men have lost all your marbles,

That is the otter, his highness all the way from Port Schwarble!
He only plays cowbell, throws barbells, and a million such marvels,
It's an Astrillian holiday as far as I yarble, hmm"

She stops,
It's indeed very clear she's been pinned as kalopsious,

"My dear" one clammy clam-clam firmly speaks,
"I see your 'kidz-bop' as they say has given you gleecks,
Your highness, is an otter, we'll be extinct within weeks"

The elders agree and farble on lke sheep,
"The end is near!" the little ones squeak,

But none brave as Mandy,
This little clam candy,
Would even think that moving was handy,

Why, confronting a prince sounds totally dandy,
So she pipped and she chupped,
Getting the elders all sandy.

As she made her way up to her prince, who was also quite randy.
Approaching her man of a million wonders,
She squeaked a fine hello over his rambunctious thunder.

He stopped and observed,
"What is this, hors' doeurves?"
He plucked her and licked her, obviously deterred,

When she snarbled and blushed ignoring the blunder,
"My name is Mandy the First, from the land of down under,

She smiled as he turned to his squire,
"A fine maiden to invite to the royal dinner," laughing they snired.
"I caught wind of your plans to marry" she twinkled,
"I just thought that I'd say that I'm young and I'm single,"

And with a wink she gave off her lady like signal.
The squire scoffed at the lady so simple,
"May I remind you ma'am, this is the prince from the pool down the thimble.
He's come all this way through mud and through wimble,
In search of a maiden to love and ne'er let dwindle,
Yet this peasant clam reminds me of a fire in my belly, so long ago kindled,"

He snirped, Mandy quirped as the prince caressed her dimple,
"You'll not lay your paws on her or her people,
This girl is totally braver than you and our sheeple!
It is decided that I'll be bringing her all the way to the steeple."

The squire grumbled a pox on both sides,
"You princox, we haven't eaten since Ides,
If you really cared so much for your lady,
Then let us first feast on her friends and their babies,
For what is a wedding if we're all riddled with hunger and rabies?"

"Nay squire, for you are a bigger one,
Your princoxious gluttony far exceeds the range of the Astrillian Sun"
"Ooooooooohh!!" his guards hollered and bothered, oh but he wasn't done,

"If you really care for your stomach all the sudden,
Then come at me brother, make me your wet monkey mutton.
See if I care for your metabolic process, you square,
For nothing could separate me from my princess so fair."

And so they charged and they barged and splashed all about her,
As his guards cheered them on into brotherly slaughter,
Witnessing the madness, Mandy would rather be chowder.

As she quietly wept for her hunk of an otter,
She noticed the elders behind her surface the water.
"What do you want?!" snobbing she totally snared,

The elders snooted and bitterly declared,

"We warned you," they flarbed,
"Their kind is brutish and dull," they spat from afar,
"The feud between peoples is older than tar"

Mandy flushed beet red and crying she clacked,
"Your ignorance prevails clams, for that is your only knack,
This man loves me and I love him right back,
In fact he's saving us all from becoming a snack.
And if he succeeds I'll never see you again,

I'll never work your sand-bars, or attend colleges of mermen.
I'll never sing songs or clean up your dens,
And you'll all just be grumpy old clams forever, and then,
When I am queen I will not be so mean.

I will unite all the clamsfolk with our predators keen,
We shall not be afraid and they shall not come to prey,
And who knows maybe we'll all get along someday,"

And with that, the squire cried "Uncle!"
And the prince let go of his sleeper-hold struggle,

"Now will you praise your lady you poor jester thuggle?"
"I do, I do your highness, til death I shall juggle."
And so the otters and clams conjoined the whole island,

With only some leftover haters to beguile,
And within seven days time
People gave up on fear,

Threw out their hunger,
And then it became clear,
With only time left to ponder,

As the big day came near,
At the cathedral they concluded that love lasts much longer,
That really,

Whether one be a clam or an otter,
It is only together that we shall become stronger.
senior year creative writing poem.
The clam doth fritter my mind
So close that shell, tightly bind

Protect the flesh, soft body hidden
Predators, everyone forbidden

Rigid shell scalloped in unison
Form the bond to close within

The frilly layer undulating rhythm
Soft body concealed and hinged

So perfect beneath hardened chalk
Worming tongue
Gaping mouth
Wordless talk

Oh to rest inside your precious womb
Forever bask in your rosy gloom

Hold my body with your silken lip
Precision pulse throb through your grip

Mixing Love, Patience, Hope for the world
Depositing on your pink precious pearl
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