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Dave Williams Aug 2018
it's me
i miisss yookuouoso muruch i dontnowottodoabouutitit
iim acaar fulll of ******, a shipp ffull of sssailas
a ccsamp fullof boyscouutss

it's you
twiddledy-twiddly-twiddle the kknob
pussshing thhe buutons, fiftyytwo, fourtythree, tennn-hup
a maggneticpo leto my compasss

it's us
qmdkksjdjjaiekmkrrrrfkfk, nsdjndf
kkksksiashiuyiddrirttranoth erone, go on, doit
do it aagin, ynotit works dunnitit

it's ours
and from over here it loooks likke
we'll never get tto do it evva again, unnless
itl earns anoth erlanguage
thhatw ebothu ndusttaaaand
Dave Williams Jul 2018
whether it's kruder & dorfmeister
or under the shower
it means the same to me

plain or indifferent
lost and belligerent
it was always meant to be

the wall, the fall, the east, the west
we're better than the rest
south on fourty-second
fourty seconds less
must be madness, she reckons
randomness at best

but, oh! bless you
i thought you sneezed
you did, didn't you
didn't you
Dave Williams May 2018
i hate
being white
so much
right now

not because
there's nothing i can do about it

but because
there's nothing you can do about it either

history repeats itself
like clockwork
i never, ever imagined i'd get caught up in this mess, but here we are
Dave Williams May 2018
it's not about how you look
or the clothes you choose to wear
or the way you make your face up

it's not about your heart
or how you choose to feel
or the way you let it get to you

it's not about what you said
or the fact that it was hurtful
or the circumstances that led to it

it's the fact that we can't communicate
that takes away all the beauty in you
a two-way dialog that says: hey wait
i really wanna get to know you
it's across this space that i postulate
how different life would be without you
the thing that harbors all this hate
is exactly how i'll remember you

and is it worth it? i don't know
there's still way too much of it on show
Dave Williams May 2018
it's obviously
the best that you got out of me
because that's all i can see

but i won't forget it
because you were a part of it
every single bit
and dark

thank you for your time
your patience and your crime
thanks for what you said
we'll never be dead

i'll keep you alive in the palm of my hand
so you can explain it to me when i don't understand
not long now
Dave Williams May 2018
i think
no, i don't wanna think
i feel
a bit disappointed
it's real
no, but it's not my fault
i think
Dave Williams Apr 2018
it's the hardest thing i've ever had to learn how to do
care more about where i'm at than i do about you
goes against my ethos, my ethics, my soul, godammit
i never thought it would go this far
but it has
and you're in it
if we could begin it again it
wouldn't be the same, would it

because where we are now
is not what we were
what i don't know
is how we let it happen in the first place
Dave Williams Apr 2018
you're not alone
even though you pretended
open your mind
in case you forget it

but i'm alone
so don't you forget it
what did i find
it wasn't intended

you used to be the best in me
but i had no idea
you loved me, you sheltered me
so i hear
Dave Williams Apr 2018
today is the day that we celebrate freedom
yet i feel like a prisoner within my own home
another surprise to hide in the museum

in my mind, in my might, in all of my kingdom
which i hope that one day will let go of it's own
today is the day that we celebrate freedom

i struggle to capture your intimate wisdom
i couldn't hear a thing that you said on the phone
another surprise to hide in the museum

i'm sorry that you've been reduced to this boredom
a ruse that reminds you you're always alone
today is the day that we celebrate freedom

i don't think it worked out quite like i had planned, um..
couldn't pretend that i'd hide what i'd shown
another surprise to hide in the museum

so what have i learned through all this confusion
my psychic ability to hear this has grown
today is the day that we celebrate freedom
another surprise to hide in the museum
villanelle. south africa celebrates freedom day today but i'm not feeling it.
Dave Williams Apr 2018
what you have to say
no, what you have to say
let's see what happens

what you want
no, what you want
i told you

what you need
no, what you need
you need money

what you learn
no, what you learn
you know

because i told you
you need money
but i can't know what you want
because you won't tell me
so i can't help you
you need love
but you don't want what i know
i could help you
but you don't want that
so let's see what happens

we don't enjoy what we do
and don't do what we enjoy
that **** only matters
when it's free

we don't need what we want
and don't want what we need
that **** always happens
to me
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