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The Earth,
The highest form of honesty
Earth has no motive, it is just being
Pure integrity, pure electricity
Sending out dynamic forces to its occupants
It runs through the ground
And is transferred
To you, to me
And just like that we are pulled
A smile from across the room
A magnetic within our souls
Unintentional, innocently planted
The highest form of honesty
Mistaken for the ultimate betrayal
Allison Hoswell Aug 2019
If you never take the path unknown,
You will never know the path worth knowing.
Said this one day while taking an unknown path and then unknown trail navigating through a forest
Allison Hoswell Jul 2019
The air is thick of steam. He always forgets to turn on that fan. The one that helps remove all the moisture in the air. He never flips it. He’s not thinking about that. He’s thinking of scrubbin’ clean after a long day. A new song on apple music he can brag that he put me onto.  And his most important, what’s for dinner? Saint louis wing company, garlic parmesan. He’s crazy right?  Traditional hot is the best. The most attractive thing about his mind? He’s happy. He’s at peace. He’s not caught up on life’s details, but about the big picture. Straight to the point, no detours.  The way his mind works, I envy that process. But me… I’m anxious. And i examine. So as he exits the shower, with his single white beard hair he refuses to pluck, I smile. His energy transfers into my soul. And he lays on top of me, and whispers that he’s been thinking about me that whole shower.
  Jun 2019 Allison Hoswell
Mohd Arshad
A little light has enough strength to fight against much darkness
Courage to keep it on is greater
Allison Hoswell Jun 2019
She needs strength to not hit send
To not open what had closed
To focus
Right and wrong never felt so gray
She wants to love him
She wants to forget all the lies
She wants to believe he’s changed
And he has
He’s actually better than before
He’s focused
She’s excited
He’s back plus more
This is good
But there’s a wave of confusion
And it only takes a moment
To be washed away from him
The current is strong
The focus is gone
She’s drifting to a safer place
Wrote this while trying to rebuild with my boyfriend who cheated and lied. He’s doing so much better and we’re happy and stronger, but I’m nervous it’s not enough for me. That what has been destroyed cannot be fixed. I’m so back and forth.
Allison Hoswell Jun 2019
And just like that I’m drifting
Drifting to a safer place
An unknown space
In the sea of love

Our home has burned
We loved, we learned
It’s time to rebuild
But it cannot be filled
Not the same at least
I leave in peace
Slow steady pace
Drifting to a safer place
  May 2019 Allison Hoswell
what if
you took a step back,
saw your life as
the work of art it is,
made beautiful by
tireless perfectionism and
ultimate lack of control,
treasured creations and
unseen shadows,
internal battles and
conflicting thoughts,
all together striking
a wilderness of
human intricacy?
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