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Lina Banzaca Feb 2019
was it worth it?
were her lips as sweet as they seem?
as soft as mine?
did she give that little flutter in your heart that you get when you kiss me?
what about that smile afterwards?
was it as straight, and white, and pretty as you say mine is?
when you look me in the eyes and say you love me,
are you sure you’re not seeing her?
are you sure that you’re not in love with her?
apparently we both make you feel the same.
you see, my bestfriend told me to leave you.
leave you the same way you left me.
alone and clueless.
with no one to go to.
because the person i was supposed to depend on the most,
was kissing someone else.
why should i stay with someone who makes me feel anything less than whole?
i didn’t ask for it to happen like this.
or for it to happen at all.
i won’t ask anymore questions but one,
was it worth it?
Dresden Jan 2019
A mask with a face that no one knew
But you
I let you see me
Be with me
Naked and scared I lie awake now
Your selfish words still robbing me
And now you say that I am guilty
But I shared with you my reality
Everything I knew about myself at that time
But after time
You began slipping
Falling into the cracks of your own mask
So I gotta ask
Was it the pressure of your own fears that broke you?
Because I was nothing but kind to you
There for you
When the rest of the world refused to be
And now that we
are nothing but strangers
*were nothing but strangers
Somehow your walls
= my mask?
Your fears
for my innocence?
I should no longer have to suffer
From your hesitance
Being cheated is the worst ain't it? It truly is so invasive and it robs you of everything you gave to that person. In my was everything.
Katie Parsons Jun 2018
Sunshine falls upon your auburn hair
As the sweat drips down your nose onto your shirt.
The light dances upon your wet skin as the cool water touches your tongue.

She looks at you with amazement in her eyes as if she’s found a prize.
Her emerald eyes glisten with fascination as your muscles clench with every move.
Her lips spread to call your name in hopes for a kiss.
The heat is not what is burning her skin, it’s the fire in her eyes as she looks at you.

Sunsets, storms, eclipses, and meteor showers are all phenomena’s of the world.
But you weren’t an object.
You were a feeling. An emotion. A physicality.
She didn’t know her heart was an acrobat until you danced on the tightrope with it.

Flight is something she use to fear but now craves it like an addict craves a fix.
You were her high.
Birds fly high in the sky but always come back down.
Not a day has gone by where I have hit the ground since I have met you.

A breath of fresh air I have taken.
Breathed in something that was so intoxicating.
Loved someone so deserving of love.
Gone to sleep with the desire of dreaming of the day when you are the first face I see in the morning and last as I fall into oblivion.
Terri Josephine Feb 2016
I once loved a boy that didn't love me back.
I cared for him so much but it was never enough.
I fell for the way he made me feel and I fell for all the lies that seemed so real.
How could  I be so dumb? He left me feeling.. numb.

I once loved a boy that didn't love me back.
I cared for him so much but it was never enough.
I fell for the endless kisses, and I fell for the tight hugs.
I fell for the way he'd look into my eyes and tell me I was enough.
I fell for the way he held me and the way he said he'd treat me.

I fell for a liar!
And I can't talk about it without my body feeling like it's on fire!
I can cry and I can scream but it won't change a thing!

I fell for a boy and now I'm hurt.
I thought I was a diamond.. I guess I'm just dirt.
And I keep telling myself to be strong..
But I remember him saying he wouldn't leave but now he's gone!
Ceryn Oct 2015
But if in separation,
you find yourself much stronger
than you've been with him,

It may not be a wise decision
to ruin your make up
for someone who
ruined your heart

But it would be so much wiser
to still go on with your life
so flawlessly

For he may not be the one,
but know that
he is surely not a loss
when you finally come to realize
that he's gone.
I am thankful for the memories.
But I am even more thankful for the 'goodbye'.
It was a happy one.
But not the one that I've been dreaming of.
Good bye, my friend.
And be happy with your new one...
IV4 Oct 2015
So word is u going around saying u used me and u cool with it!!!!! makes me question, what is loyalty?????? Boy I fed u, I bathe U, I housed U, I took care of dare U come to me with bad intention....then u up and leave me when I need U the add insult to injury U wanted me to **** our baby! U turned ur back in us....U failed me when I held u up................I hate U for that. U'd rather want someone like her. Someone loud like the **** we smoked, someone expensive like what drank every Friday and Saturday night. U and me in my house. U wanted someone easy, like it was so easy to whisper in my ear. U made me believe that U loved me. U lead me to believe that U was 100. I supported ur dreams and I cared about ur thoughts. I kept ur secrets, I never turned on u, and I never will. U lied to me and played ur girl. U took my heart and ripped it open for the world to see, now I am a angry poet.
BaileyBuckels Mar 2014
I never thought I would hurt this much.
the thought of loneliness is overpowering.
Because of you I'm Hurting
and because of you I cry
because of you i scream.
the pain of defeat is overwhelming.
the thought of you breaks my heart,
and the thought of you is sickening

— The End —