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Rose Diamond Nov 2020
They told me you were dangerous
The baddest of our kind
That only with a single look
You’d get all girls to sigh

You were quite the charmer
Of that i was very sure
But what I didn’t really expect
Was to fall myself much more

I thought that i was different
That you’d also fall for me
For my attributes and laughter
For my smile on every eve

But that didn’t really happen
I got a wake up call
And while i was expecting a miracle
You didn’t notice at all

But it's ok, i learned a lesson
And to you i bid goodbye
Because I realized I didn’t need your love
To make myself fly high

Now i am much better
Im learning to love myself
I forgot all about you
And you smile in that hotel

Maybe i will never forgive you
For the tears i shed that night
But they taught me to love myself
For i'm the only one who can

I still remember those words
They told me at those times
Not to fall for a player
Who would only break my heart

But while they thought you were dangerous
And too charming to be true
I knew y what you were hiding
Behind your “too cool” crew

And i still remember
the way that i felt
The night you broke my heart
, just like they said

Although they did not warn me
Of how much i was to grow
And all that i would learn
When i finally let you go

So the next time they tell me
To look before i fall
I'll remind them of all i learned
Because i dared to try

Yet i still want to wish you
All the best i can
And that you someday find
A girl for whom you'll fall

And maybe then you'll understand
How easy it was for me
To fall for someone dangerous
While i was quite naive

I'll lend you a page from my book
If you dare to take it
Im sure youll find it helpful
With the girl who they'll call dangerous
Her beguile
His trial
Her smile
The beginning
The ending
Pushing and pulling
Her *****
Wraps around my
Leader of
Deception and love
Failure of empathy
I’m ensnared
Luna Sep 2018
From the tales of
Ruined men
Their names laced around my tongue ,
A sweet curse
Bewitched the eye
And swells them in
dabbles of dagger
I have swallowed,
A cutting edge
A slash on the throat choking in—
Beneath my scaly skin,
Body wrapped around a
Sweat gleaming neck,
And with a puncture
On the lips
It starts bleeding.
[Belinda :old Germanic name meaning snake]
Mary-Eliz Mar 2017
In a dream a spider swallows a snake and
like  a
giant yellow sunflower being  kissed   by
                                                                ­ bees
                                                            ­     who
dance  wildly  with the  wind  as  it  turns
anticipation.   The  snake  charmer   plays
                                                           ­         his
                                                    ­              tune.
The  spider  dances,  rising up,  stretching,
Her  legs
disappear, drawing   into  her  body where
                                                           ­         they
                                                   ­                 turn
into a flickering tongue that protrudes from
She wriggles in her dance; her tongue waves
                                                           ­         in the
                                                             ­       air to
the melody, begins  to sing a  sultry,  hissing
the charmer's flute begins to move, undulating
                                                      ­                  to her
                                                             ­           song's
cadence.   And the charmer is himself charmed.
in a trance as his snake-flute wraps itself around
                                                          ­                    him
                                         ­                                     and
the  spider  looking  li­ke a  snake swallows them
Batool Jan 2016
He was a man
with a happy face
people always trying
to be him
He was a charmer
for the world
a perfect husband
for his wife
a hero and a teddy
for his daughter
he knew the trick
to make them smile
but little did they all know
He was a man with Masks
and he knew to use them well
It was only Him,
his demons
and his diary
who knew
the Real Him !!
Poetry by MAN Dec 2015
I'm drawn into the darkness in your eyes
I feel at home I don't know why
Tap into energy you supply
Magic explodes there is no more try
Inside you I want to become
A warrior for your heart under each passing sun
Battle like a gladiator till it's won
Satisfaction in action you're sure to come
Never been holy a Devil I am
Don't have to speak words vibes you understand
Scorpio mystic powers I command
Practice creates the master who makes the plan
You can check the clock there is no time
Same way there's no limit to our minds
Words born from emotions that cannot be defined
Translated by a poet patterns become design
Keep love flowing infinite always growing
Not what I say it's about what I'm showing
Drink from the river of ever knowing
Fine tune inner light till its glowing
Did you put me under your spell?
Drunk with love my defenses fell
Detached from heaven I walk through Hell
Listen to demons and stories they tell
I write them all down chapters for this book
Analyze recognize path they took
Cast out heart meat on the hook
Appeals to third eyes many take a look
Dare touch caress don't mangle
If I Expose my wick will you light my candle?
Release tension heart strings untangle
Charmer of my snake all yours to handle...
Poetry by M.A.N 12-10-15 I wrote this one a while back it's a bit naughty but I assure all my readers I am nice..;)
Alessander Mar 2015
You are the snake charmer
      mesmerizing poisonous slithery creatures
      spellbinding them with your undulating hips
      gyrating *******
      nimble graceful hands
      lulling lulling
      the predator
      into a limp drowsy posture
      until its rapid oscillations dull
      until its spitting hisses silence
      and glowing yellow eyes milk over
      you drape it over with your red garment
      it coils into infinity
      as darkness spreads.
There was this fellow, who seemed very mellow,
Yet when one asked me to write a poem about one self;
He spoke very highly of himself;
Cockiness; not at all he was a charming fellow,
Who was always there when ones friend would fail;
Showing her she could prevail
Laughter filled his heart and thoughts filled his mind
Most people would say he’s undefined
I’d like to say he’s one of a kind
A friend, a brother, a charmer
Yet does he ever look deep within
Or does one just pretend?
Always there for someone in need
But what about one’s self needs
Shall I assume since you’re consider a charmer
That you have plastic armor
Pretend to be strong and bold
When there’s a deep secret you hold?
The charmer in one’s soul
Blocks the secret he holds
Never look too deep
Might cause you to lose sleep
Remember a charmer has a spell
And never yells
Goes on in life
Yet can cut you like a knife
Leaving a scar on your soul
One may be blind and flatter you

— The End —