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He brought out the light she lost in the dark.
Always lost and alone she was scared of that spark
Thoughts in her mind made her feel destined to be alone
Pondering if someone would save her and bring her to a place called home.
He gave her that hope; though he was soon to elope
Helping her down her dark hollow road
She felt like she had a due that was to be owed
To show him his efforts where helping her grow;
She conquered her demons and put on a show,
Slowly but surely she made her own lights
No longer was she scared like before on those dark lonely nights
Thanks to that man who gave her hope and a spark
She found a place she calls home now that her life is so stark.
AS I become adrift into his eyes, I start to see the mystery that his lips fail to convey.
He holds a deeper legend then he lets most conclude.
His eyes express beauty and tragedy, yet they have this twinkle that reveals aspiration for something greater than the history they sustain.

When his lips speak I can’t help but notice the hidden story his eyes are trying to express.
Does he realize that I can see this? He has mentioned the butterflies his stomach perceives often and always glances away.
I want to ask what his eyes are trying to express, but then I feel as if maybe his eyes are interrogating mine.
I too perceive butterflies and often look away;
why do we do this?
Is it the fear of finally being understood, or is it that we are so comfortable with the walls we have built around us that we don’t want anyone to intrude.
Whatever it is; it continues to keep me intrigued.
His eyes are a wonderland; filled with many anecdotes I desire to figure out.
  Oct 2015 Kayla R Vaitkunas
Mike lowe
You're someones beautiful disaster. You're something that someone has been looking for all their life.

You're the reason why symphonies are played with such emotion. You're the reason poetry is made. You're the reason people smile in the morning.

You're the reason for people to have a reason. You're someones one and only. Someones first thought when they wake up and last thought when they fall asleep.

You're something amazing. Everyday you show it, even if you don't notice it. You're something no words can explain.

Someday you'll meet someone who will try to put it into words but won't need to because they show it everyday. Just give it time.

You're someones, someone!
  Oct 2015 Kayla R Vaitkunas
Mike lowe
Rest your head on my chest. Meditate to the rhythm of my heart beat. Breathe softly and escape your mind.

Live in this moment right now.

Cry your eyes dry and whisper your secrets to me. Scream your voice horse and just don't forget to breathe.  

Even the sun must let the moon sit in darkness at night. Even in your darkest times, i'll be the light you need.

I will rehearse you like poetry and speak you into existence. A tangled mess of letters and words that only us, together, can straighten out. You will be my poetry.
  Oct 2015 Kayla R Vaitkunas
Mike lowe
Temptations are hiding in the lines of her skin.
She is the only book you can read in the dark.
She could destroy most men with just a flick of her hair.
But she can really rip your soul out with her stare, eyes brighter than a supernova and her smile, more mind blowing than the black holes she creates.
Her body, is the creation of infinity. Her voice is the reason there is no gravity in space.
She is acid rain running down your face and leaving you with that bitter taste.
She is the feeling of warmth, in an ice cold embrace.
I would imagine she is the reason men like me are here to write her into poetry. She is simply, just, a woman.
  Oct 2015 Kayla R Vaitkunas
Mike lowe
As the saliva drips from their fangs. I silently think to myself, "Clean your mouth, you're drooling!"
                                 A pack of wolves is what I would consider them                 as I listen to them talk about the women that walk by.      
             Talk about them as if they are nothing but flesh, a piece of meat they need to sink their                               teeth into.
        Discussing what they would do to her before ever knowing her name.
                   Nothing is more important than the hunt. The hunger of their ****** appetite overwhelms their rational thoughts.
             To think, who they would bite, if it was their daughter being hunted by the wolves.
             Famine is a plague,
    what would they be willing to do,
             if she tells them no?
Too many times i've been next to guys like this. Some of them seem like they don't have a soul. To look at a woman the way they talk about them is terrible. Every woman is a piece of art and should be treated that way.
  Oct 2015 Kayla R Vaitkunas
Mike lowe
This one is for the boys. The ones who had dreams bigger than reality, the ones who used to have a sense of morality.  
This one is for the boys. The ones who knew who they were going to marry in third grade, the ones that admitted to being scared of something.
This one is for the guys. The ones who claim they never cry, the ones who tell her that they'll never lie.
This one is for the guys. The muscle bound, no emotion meat heads. The Fitted hat wearing acclaimed "gangsters". The smooth talking, will do everything to get that one girl but treat her like she's nothing when they get her.
This one is for the men. The ones who followed there big dreams into reality, the ones who will only lie to her about her morning breath smelling good and her snoring being cute.
This one is for the men. The ones who take responsibility for what is theirs, showing everyone he actually cares. The ones who will tell someone they are afraid to lose them. The ones who aren't afraid of being afraid.
This one is for the men! The ones who want to be everything that their daughter will look for in a man.
This is for the men.
Some guys will never fulfill the shoes of a true man.. And i'll tell you, its sad to say.
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