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Aflaha Jan 2019
It is strange
This knowing you
This familiarity
Which now seems like something
I might have invented
To keep myself close to you
I now see the nativity of
An unreasonable love
How simply I fell for you
And built a fortress of lies
To protect this delicious fantasy
Of me in your arms
Being more then just comfort
An intimacy of tired restless souls
Aflaha Nov 2018
How could I ever show you
The despair you left behind
How could I dare say
Was it your heart or mine
That lay shattered on the pavement
Of this road we took together
The one with no destination
A love without room
For kindness or concern
A constant struggle
To keep us from fading into the night
To keep the clock from ticking
To keep this fire from taking us
Isn’t any delight
In a fight against destiny
Memories woven with pain
All lost in a moments fate
Now remnants of ashes
Mingled with the rain
Flow right through that place
Which love used to grace
Once when it was summer
And we were kids in love
In peace and in haste
To commit to heart and memory
Each glance and every taste
Each moment spend with you
Is now a shard halfway through
My heart
Which still beats like a fool
For you
Aflaha Nov 2018
Be the silence of my heart
Be my calm

Be my light
So I may always find my way back

Be that question
I ask myself every time
I am looking for meaning

Be the shade
My souls rests in
Weary from the customs of this world

Be close
Fade into my heartbeat
From a million miles away
Aflaha Nov 2018
Broken dreams
Fill a broken heart

Tempered memories
Of stolen kisses

Timeless passion
In a heartless world

How soon it died
Our fearless love
Aflaha Jun 2018
My heart rebels
Not being close to you
It doesn't know how to keep
A love so fierce
From burning everything away
I don't know how
This distance is okay
But this silence isn't
I could wait a thousand years
To be in your arms
I couldn't wait till tomorrow
To tell you I miss you so
Aflaha May 2018
I don't know why it hit me today but it did and I am trying really hard to keep my sanity right now. Tears are begging to run down my cheeks. Sorrow crawling through the walls of my heart. My mind tired and exhausted of reasoning, wanting desperately to shut down now. This ink might as well have been bleeding out of me today. I never knew that longing for someone could be so painful.
Aflaha May 2018
We sit in opposite corners of the room
Trying to get the story in our head right
This night is so dreadful and special
You can tell by the full moon so bright
It's been forever since I kissed you last
I don't know if you remember being apart
I wish I could show you the scars
Each wishful night left on my heart
Then tell me, my love
How did you do when I was away
Would you make this moment stay
I don't know what I want
When I am this close to you
They told me to be careful
Sometimes dreams come true
I wish it was easy to let go
With your hands on my hips
When you pull me close
My heart stops beating
I burn like a rose
You taste of sweetness, desire & love
Of your burning soul, I can't have enough
Then come closer, my love
I want your fingers tangled in my hair
I want to kiss your soul, naked & bare
From me, you have nothing to fear
My love,
I will wear this love like a garment
I will breathe it in, like fresh air
I will forever be yours in this moment
With you on my lips, always like a prayer
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