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dpbian Nov 2018
Oh unlimited form of energy,
When thou will come to me.
Will it be as early as it should be
Or be so late to be of no use for me?
I wonder when thou will come,
I ponder how thou will come.
What should I do just sit and wait,
Or pull myself together and do a work great.
But to do a work great I need thou,
And to make you come to me I bow.
Oh unlimited form of energy,
When thou will come to me.
Am I loud enough to reach you,
Or for you to find me should I leave a clue.
Oh but I'm in a situation so dilemmatic,
Anyone would if listen it'll sound hectic.
I even don't know I'm reaching you or not,
And if I've reached I don't know you're bound to me or not.
-Divya Prakash Bhardwaj
(DPBian art)
I was depressed that i was not good at even a single thing that would feed me in future so this poem came out as I wanted god to give me the strength and confidence to do what is required.
dpbian Jan 2018
Earlier I had a look,
To a beautiful brook,
But day by day and night by night,
As the sands of time passed by,
The brook turned into a gigantic cry,
With water ***** black and plants did die,
And humans wanted a overfly.
It took thirty seconds to cross that bridge,
But many years for that brook to come beneath bridge.
That thirty seconds gave me a look,
How intelligently we drained that brook.
That's why I say humans are great crook.
Earlier I had a look,
To a beautiful brook.
Now I look it again,
That horrible sight gives me pain,
Again and again more pain I gain.
That sight keeps flashing in my mind,
And broke my dream of utopian world,
Now I believe my dream was inert.
That bridge was sign of developed human civilisation,
What faces of ours will be portrayed to our advanced future generation.
Pledge to save nature

— The End —