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Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
Brexit, make it
or break it
for the better!
The vote is in December,
cast it, it's your power!
Forget not on the poll day
Do come out
Give it your Midas touch.
Lewis Irwin Nov 2019
I'm like climate because I deteriorate each day, it's a treat,
My nails are bitten to the seams just so I can feel; so I can bleed.
The nihilistic ******; I don't feel sorry; I hope we crash,
Pushing buttons in mirror cause my vision should be clearer, what's another ****?

Fear anger manipulate irate lust & youth,
The values that stitch the masses in truth.

I cut my neck to watch it bleed; imagine what I'd be if I was death on the screen?
I grip my teeth to watch them leave; crumble my soul like a God on its knees.
And when I fall back into the black kick me back; don't grab my hand,
And when I reach out it's a farce don't placate me because I don't want to land.

Fear anger manipulate irate lust & youth,
The values that stitch the masses in truth.

I want to die young to a dulcet cause; and romanticise my sins and all my flaws,
Pack my bags and leave a note; laugh it
off and slit my throat; like I give a toss.
I burnt a hole in my soul, I lost my will so long ago; I can't come back,
Forced to live without a choice; I've lost the right; I've lost the track.

Fear anger manipulate irate lust & youth,
The values that stitch the masses in truth.

In a world filled with power and greed,
Don't forget to check with them if you can be free.
They choose who you want to be and who's the new celebrity,
And when the water cooler talk starts to wear off, and when you start attack people when they don't like what you want.
When general public consensus is apparently "key", don't forget who controls exactly what you see.

You're not free,
You never will be.
The foundations are crooked,
And I know it sounds stupid,
But you've got to annihilate the system if you want to see the change,
Because they don't care about a single ******* thing that you say.
The world revolves around you and not the sun,
And you all wonder why nothing ever gets done.
You made the machine and allowed it to corrupt,
And forgot to build a fail safe, ah we're all ******...
Mark Toney Oct 2019
John Winston Ono Lennon
From Britain to Brooklyn, decked in denim
Controversial through his political and peace activism
Felled by Mark David Chapman's act of barbarism
5/22/2019 - Poetry form: Clerihew - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Suhayb Oct 2019
Peace for our time.
Before the blasts of bomb and battling,
The roar of rhythmic rifles rattling.
Sudden sounds of screams are silenced.
Many millions meet their maker.

Peace for our time.
Is peace the vapid void of voice,
And sound surrounding the silent scores,
Lying lifeless, once laughing lovers,
Forever forgotten, in fields of flowers?

Peace for our time.
Did this twist of truth tempt the tides
Of fate, and fan the flames for us
To make the most merciless decision,
To **** for victory,
To **** with precision?

Peace for our time.
Both sides with bibles buckled to belts,  
Gamble on the good graces of God.
Which god would support this mindless ******,
Burnt bodies piled high to rot?

Peace for our time.
When our soil was soaked with soldiers sorrow.
Women wept, eyes echoing their agony.
Let us rejoice that this time would befall.

For if this is peace, speak not of war.
Based on a speech from the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, in which he declared 'Peace for our Time' shortly before the outbreak of WW2.
eva-mae coffey Oct 2019
main road dusk
you in that dress
rain against glass
tell me everything.

in the house of silhouettes
there must be some light
the people are blind,
and they dance, but they bite.

in the house of silhouettes
there must be a monarchy
the wonder of a century
is breathing, feverishly.
Michael H Aug 2019
Your blue blood veins,
red, white, blue stains,
mind closed just like your borders.

Despite the wars,
the foreign and poor,
are given their marching orders.

you just don't see,
is what makes the world so great.

'The futures white, see',
'In good old Blighty',
you bleat as you close the gates.
Steve Jul 2019
Let’s build a wall to keep us all
A great big wall 12’ tall
And don’t put in a door
Then pretty soon
They’ll talk about it
On the moon
It will keep us in and keep
Them out and just in case
There’s any doubt
We’ll give ourselves a name
To show we’re not the same
A name with glamour
And with glitz
A name that rhymes with nitwits
**** and *****
Then everyone will sing another tune
We’ll call ourselves the Brits
And our leader will be
Boris the buffoon
Let’s make Britain great again
Let’s go to war with Spain
Or with France
Let’s lead the world a merry dance
When Britannia ruled the waves?
And history was written
On monuments
And in graves
What are we waiting for?
Let’s go to war
Let’s feed the poor
In killing fields
Like we did before
When we were great

God save the Queen
And the British State.
Hard to fathom how things have got to this depressing and frankly, worrying stage.
AsianGenderWater May 2019
A hero is never sad.
A hero shouldn’t be sad.
So why?

Why do I feel like this?

A hero doesn’t cry.
A hero mustn’t cry.
So what is this?
What are these tears
Running down my face?

A hero must be happy.
A hero shouldn’t not be happy.
And yet
I don’t remember
What that feels like.

What is this?
Why can’t I feel?

His face
Staring across the battlefield.
The sad smile.
The emerald eyes
That spoke a million unknown words.

I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry.

I aim.
And pull the trigger.
A poem about APH!America. Time period is during the revolutionary war. Might make a fanfic based on this at some point.

I think I've been reading way too many depressed/suicidal America fanfics.
Steve Page Mar 2019
I feel like I should say
something of substance
something of meaning
something of the moment,

but I remain empty.
British politics ....
rgz Mar 2019
For a United Kingdom
There's too much division
It's enough to give the stump to any mathematician
All I'm witnessing is schisms caused by witless politicians and unequal partitions between a nation's provisions
The wheels are spinning and the destination needs some revision

We've got an outmoded vehicle
and I can't see what we're here for
but their eyes are open wide
they're driving right off the pier, so
while we lie here and bleed
for something not quite agreed
what do we need to see that we
will be forever in cheek?

I mean forever in check, **** auto-correct
always thinks it knows best
just like the ****** we elect
you need kicked off the deck
you don't deserve self-respect
I'm sick of being pawned off
you need to give it a rest
you're supposed to work for us
but you're just cashing the cheque

Sit in your parliamentary tower growing richer by the hour
gaining favour for labours that you'll never encounter
Bane and hate for those daring enough to face without cower
and blame the state of the nations degradation on our
Seed but still we can't see, we act free but really
we just shuffle past unseemly, faithless
placated by the powers that be

Caught in civic wars, taunted with "problems of foreigners"
fake news from columnists with more fiction than novelists
stuck on pause, acting like you don't know the cause of this
you don't have a clue what you're doing
why keep on bothering us
you're telling me you really can't see what the problem is?
my god, its so obvious
too much you
not enough all of us
There's your meaningful vote.

Bit of brexit, bit of independence
I just don't like politicians but I (basically) managed to keep from swearing so that's preeetty, prettyyyy, pretty good

"No one even knows what a brexit is"
- Danny Dyer
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